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  • Is the EHS Policy prominently displayed?

  • Is the EHS Policy the current Revision?<br>

  • Have all employees signed the EHS Charter?

  • Are team leaders doing inspections and audits on their employees?

  • Are all required Save Works Procedures in place?

  • Other findings

Plant & Equipment

Buildings & Structures

  • Are the premises suitable for the work being performed?

  • How good is hygiene at this site/department?

  • Are there lunch rooms where employees can eat?

  • Are all relevant signage identified in place?

  • Where shelving is used, is it safe to use?

  • Is the yard safe?

  • Is the site clean and tidy?

  • Are relevant demarcation lines in place and in good state?

  • Other findings


  • All lights working?

  • Are the lighting levels adequate?

  • Other findings

Site Access

  • Do visitors sign in?

  • Do visitors get site inductions?

  • Other findings

Storage & Packing

  • Storage areas adequate?

  • Relevant PPE & Warning signs in place?

  • Relevant material handling equipment available?

  • Are employees trained to use load shifting equipment ?

  • Are employees authorized to use said load shifting equipment?

  • Condition of pallets in use?

  • WLL signs in place?

  • Are unusually shaped items stored securely?

  • Is weight distributed evenly on racks?

  • Are items strapped to pallets?

  • Items not overhanging the pallets?

  • Other findings

Stands & Jigs

  • Safely stored?

  • Certified and with Work Load Limits?

  • All on a register?

  • Other findings

Plant & Machinery

  • Pre-site inspections in place?

  • All guards in place?

  • Work Zones clear and unobstructed?

  • Compressors tested?

  • Other findings

Lifting Equipment

  • Correctly stored?

  • Not damaged?

  • Safety catches on hooks in order?

  • SWLs on equipment visible?

  • Other findings


  • Correctly parked when not in use?

  • Labelled with Working Load Limits?

  • Operated safely? (Speed, clear of persons)

  • Persons trained and authorized to operate equipment?

  • Checklists done, signed off and actioned?

  • Other findings

LUEZ, Traffic & Parking

  • All employees trained in LUEZ (Loading Unloading Exclusion Zones)?

  • Other findings


  • Pre-use checklists completed?

  • Vehicles in clean and tidy condition?

  • Other findings


Overhead Cranes

  • Labelled for Working Load Limits?

  • Operated at safe speeds?

  • Persons trained and authorized to operate this equipment?

  • Inspections done, recorded and signed off?

  • Certification inspections done?

  • Other findings


  • Evidence of toolbox talks with employee sign off?

  • Other findings

Training and development

  • Evidence and status of required employee training?

  • Other findings

Fit for Work

  • Fatigue avoidance management

  • Drug and alcohol monitoring management

  • Other findings

Safety Observations

  • Evidence of safety observation completion ?

  • Other findings


  • Walkways and work surfaces clear, free from slip, trip and fall hazards. Free from protrusions?

  • Adequate number of rubbish bins available and emptied when full?

Risk Management

  • Are JHA's & Mini Risk Assessments done?

  • Evidence of work permits completion?

  • Baseline risk assessment in place and recent?

  • Team sign off on baseline risk assessment?

  • Equipment, materials and tools stored in an orderly way?

  • Workshop and offices clean and orderly?

  • Other findings


Signs & Barricading

  • Hazardous areas/equipment signs visible and access controlled?

  • Other findings


  • Availability good?

  • Quality good?

  • Used as required?

  • Other findings

Working at Heights

  • Risk assessments in place?

  • Permits issued as per requirements?

  • Training and assessment of employees in place?

  • Equipment inspected and tagged as per requirements?

  • Observations of safe working on heights as per requirements?

  • Other findings

Emergency Planning

  • Assembly points identified and signs posted?

  • Exit routes clearly marked

  • Access and exit routes clear and unobstructed inside and outside of building access points?

  • Other findings

Fire Prevention

  • Clear and unobstructed access to fire extinguishers?

  • Correct standard of signage applied?

  • Fire fighting equipment inspections up to date?

  • Sufficient fire fighting equipment and personnel?

  • Other findings

Incident Investigation

  • All Incidents reported?

  • All incidents investigated?

  • All corrective actions completed?

  • Other findings

First Aid

  • First aid equipment available and signage in place?

  • Enough first aiders trained and available?

  • Other findings


  • Locks, calipers and tags available and being used?

  • Lock out registers maintained?

  • Lock out training evidence?

  • Observations done on lock out?

  • Other findings


  • In place where required?

  • Other findings

Cutting, welding and grinding

  • Equipment inspection records completed?

  • Flash-back arresters oxy & acetylene/propane. In place and tested?

  • Hosing condition?

  • Cylinder storage good?

  • Screens in place and in good condition?

  • Additional eye protection worn as per requirements?

  • Hearing protection worn where required?

  • Other findings

Hand Tools

  • Free from apparent damage?

  • Stored when not in use?

  • Electrical hand tools in good condition?

  • Hammers maintained as per requirements?

  • Other findings

Electrical (General)

  • Evidence of inspection records?

  • Electrical tools visible condition?

  • Other findings

Compressed air lines, tools and fittings

  • Hoses and fittings in good condition?

  • Pneumatic tools free of visible damage?

  • Other findings

Hazardous substances

  • Chemical store on standard?

  • Labeling done?

  • Bunding in place?

  • Haz hem signage in place?

  • Easy access to eye wash systems?

  • Other findings


  • Readily available?

  • Employees familiar with MSDS contents?

  • Other findings


  • Are environmental Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) in place?

  • Waste separation done?

  • Other findings

Waste disposal

  • Enough waste bins provided?

  • Other findings

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