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Risk & Incidents

  • Have previous public liability locations been inspected and hazard(s) rectified?

  • Are there any hazards that could cause injury to persons or property?

External Building/Car Parks/Lawns & Gardens

  • Do car parks/path surfaces pose any safety issue?A

  • Is the site free from rubbish accumulation?

  • Is the signage and line marking in good condition?

  • Is the site free from graffiti?

  • Is external concrete or exposed aggregated surfaces presenting well?

  • Is the site free from cobwebs or accumulation of dust on high areas?

  • Are lawns and gardens presenting well?

All Entrances

  • Have the bins/ash trays been emptied recently?

  • If required, are wet weather mats and signage in place?

  • Are auto doors operating smoothly?

  • Is the entry glass clean and free of marks?

Mall Areas

  • Are Centre plants, rubbish bins, food court furniture in correct positions and clean?

  • Is all Centre Signage Illuminated?

  • Is the floor presenting well?

  • Are all common area lights illuminated?

  • Are all Casual Leasing (including kiddie rides and vending machines) set-ups correct/neat/safe/open?

  • Is the Centre Music on at correct level?

  • Are all Escalators/Travelators/Lifts Working?

  • Are the return air grilles free from dust?

  • Are the fire hose reel/hydrant cupboards clean?

Toilets/Parent Rooms

  • Have the toilets been properly cleaned?

  • Have the toilets been fully stocked? I.e. Toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels?

  • Are the toilet exhaust vents free from dust?

  • Are the toilet partitions/doors & back of partition doors clean and free of dust?

Fire Safety & Evacuation

  • Is the fire alarm panel free from faults?

  • Do the diesel pumps have adequate fuel?

  • Are all exit lights illuminated?

  • Are all of the evacuation signs in place and easily seen (unobstructed)

  • Are all fire passages clear of combustible contents & lights illuminated?

  • Are all of the fire hydrants & fire booster cabinets free from obstructions?

  • Are all of the fire/smoke doors closed?

  • Is the emergency evacuation management onsite and easily accessible?

Loading Docks & Waste Rooms

  • Are the loading docks/waste stream locations neat & tidy?

  • Is the site free from any rubbish accumulating in the loading docks?


  • Are all the tenants operating at time of inspection?

  • Are tenants trading out within permission boundaries?

  • Are their shop fronts clean and presentable?

  • Are tenants with external licences maintaining the floors?

  • Have you spoken to tenants regarding arrears?

  • Have you spoken to tenants regarding outstanding PLI?

Contractors &I Contractors Management

  • Are all contractors out of public areas by opening?

  • Have the contractors been signing in/out?

  • Are the house rules, fit out guidelines onsite and current?

  • Are there spare copies of incident reports onsite?

  • Are the plant rooms clean & tidy?

  • Are lights turned off in plant rooms, cleaner's cupboards when not in use?

Site Specific Items to be listed below (i.e. Playgrounds, Shade Sails, Water Features, Public Art)

Tenant/Contractor Consultation

  • Tenant/Contractor Discussion Points

  • Tenant/Contractor Discussion Points

  • Tenant/Contractor Discussion Points

  • Tenant/Contractor Discussion Points

  • Tenant/Contractor Discussion Points


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