Date to install appliances in unit?

  • Select date

Date THC building management was notified?

  • Select date

Appliance Pre-Delivery Items

  • Was notification at least 48 hours prior to desired date?

  • Was tenant notified that JMW would performing work on the above date?

Appliance Pre-Installation Items

  • Time JMW entered unit to begin construction

  • Are all items removed from the inside of existing items appliances? Check inside all to make sure!

  • If no, were photos/video taken to document the items?

  • Once old appliances were moved did any damage occur?

  • If yes, explain what damage occurred and provide photos.

  • Has JMW proper protection for the floors?

  • Has JMW provided proper dust protection for the unit?

  • Are there any Pre-existing damaged items (including stains on the floors)?

  • Is there any signs of infestation? If yes, notify THC Management immediately!

  • If yes, were photos taken to document these items before they were handled?

  • Add media

  • Once old appliances were removed, was property management given enough time to clean area around appliances?

Appliance Installation Checklist

  • Is this unit scheduled for a new refrigerator?

  • For refrigerator, does the door swing towards the kitchen? Yes or No?

  • Is this unit scheduled for a new range?

  • Was range anti-tip device installed correctly? Yes or No?

  • Is this unit scheduled for a new range hood?

  • Was range hood wired correctly and vented appropriately? Yes or No?

  • Was installation date written on back of unit in permanent marker?

  • Were new appliances tested for operation? Any issues?

  • Has all the trash/debris from installation been removed from the unit?

  • Has unit been cleaned of any debris or dust created by installation process?

  • Has furniture and personal items been returned to their original location?

  • Did any damage to these appliances occur?

  • If yes, explain in the space below and add photos.

  • If no, we're photos/videos taken to document condition.

  • Add media

  • Was the unit number written on back of owners's manual and warranty cards?

  • Have all Appliance literature been turned over to THC Management?

  • Are there any punchlist items that JMW will have to return to complete? If yes explain below.


  • By signing this form THC and JMW representative's agree that all appliances scheduled for this unit have been installed correctly and are working properly. THC representative is in possession of all required documentation for the appliances including owners manual and warranty cards.

  • Follow up Notes

  • Time JMW completed work in unit and exited?

  • THC Signature

  • JMW Signature

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