Fire Safety Standards.

1. Are fire doors, fire exits, fire equipment and fire notices within the demise kept unobstructed?

2. Are waste skips at least 10m from the buildings or of the lock down type?

3. Are means of escape beyond demise clear of Retailers storage?

4. Are fire exit routes and doors unlocked and emergency fastenings and self closing devices operational?

5. Is stock kept clear of heaters, light fixtures, hot service pipes and electrical appliances?

6. Is the sprinkler system capable of correct operation and not being misused e.g. Items being suspended from it or on top of it?

7. Is there a record of the training of staff in the evacuation procedures and immediate action in the case of an outbreak of Fire?

8. Are any flammable liquids kept away from possible sources of ignition and stored separately e.g. aerosols should be contained in small rooms or within cages.

9. Is there a smoking policy in place and is this enforced e.g. Metal bins for waste etc, no evidence of illicit smoking?

10. Are emergency route signs un-obscured and if necessary illuminated?


11. Are boiler rooms, lift motor rooms ,electrical rooms and cupboards clear of storage and easily accessible?

12. Is all emergency lighting working and regularly tested/ inspected?

13. Are portable heaters securely guarded and located where they can not be knocked over or ignite combustibles?

14. Have portable electrical appliances been inspected within 12 months?has

15. Has a fixed wiring inspection being carried out within the last 5 years and a certificate issued?

16. No unprotected trailing leads or use of multi-socket block adapters?

17. Are waste materials removed from the demise as frequently as necessary to ensure unnecessary build up of dust or rubbish which would attract pests?

18. Is the use of cooking materials e.g. Toasters, forbidden other than in designated kitchen areas?

Kitchen Cleaning

19. Where applicable is the kitchen generally in a clean condition, and are kitchen extract duct filters in a clean condition?

20.Where applicable are Kitchen extract ducting been deep cleaned and certificate issued within the last 6 months?


21.Does the unit have an asbestos management plan.

22. Are asbestos areas clearly labeled?

23. Is the asbestos management plan available for inspection?

Life Safety & Security System

24. Are sprinkler heads and fire detectors not impeded ( by partitions or false ceilings) and are the required clearances beneath this equipment maintained at 0.5m?

25. Is there a programmed maintenance system for sprinklers? When was the last date of test?

26. Where sprinklers are installed storage restricted to 2.6m high?

27. Is there a programmed maintenance contract for fire detection alarm system , and system tested weekly with records available?

28. Are fire extinguishers serviced, wall-mounted, clearly signed and unobstructed?

29. Are all break-glass points correctly signed and unobstructed?

30. Have a fire suppression systems e.g. Ansul systems been serviced in the last 6 months and are the protective caps in place on the nozzles?

31. Is there a fire logbook in the unit and is it kept up to date?

32. Is servicing/maintenance in place for any shutters or smoke extraction systems within the tenants demise.

Fire Risk Assesssment

33. Has this unit carried out a Fire Risk Assesssment,and is it available for inspection.

Health & Safety -General.

34. Is the unit free from any apparent overloading effect that may affect the walls or flooring?

35. Is there evidence of H&S risk assessments relevant to the Unit?

36. Are general H&S standards satisfactory?

37. Is there servicing /maintenance in place for gas boilers , cooking appliances,and kitchen extraction

Building / Unit Condition.

38. Is the condition of plaster finish to walls and ceilings acceptable?

39. Is the unit free of water damage or dampness including the suspended ceiling which would indicate water penetration.

40. Is the unit free of damage to the internal structure which may require repair e.g. Holes in the walls?

41. Condition of shop front /entrance and signage in good repair, and is the illumination in good working order?

42. Condition of internal doors/staircases/windows/flooring in good condition.

43. Is the unit free of signs of unauthorised alterations?

44. Is the standard of decoration acceptable?

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.