Safety Equipment

  • Is there an eyewash station?

  • Can it flush both eyes hands-free?

  • Is there an up-to-date log of weekly flushing?

  • Does it provide lukewarm water for 15 minutes?

  • Is there a fumehood?

  • Does it work?

  • Is there a clear working space (i.e. Not being used for storage)?

  • Is there a fire extinguisher?

  • Is the inspection tag up- to- date?

  • Is the pressure indicator in the green zone?

  • Is there a safety shower?

  • Is there an up-to-date log of weekly flushing?

  • Is the an approved platform step ladder to reach chemicals stored above eye level?

  • Is there a chemical spill kit?

Chemical Storage


  • Are solid corrosives stored separately from liquid corrosives?

  • Are bases stored separately from the acids?


  • Are flammable liquids stored in a Flammable Cabinet?

  • Is the cabinet latched/locked shut?

  • Is the cabinet vented to the exterior?

  • Is the vent pipe metal, not PVC or plastic?

  • Are flammable solids stored separately from flammable liquids?

Water-Reactive Metals - Lithium,Sodium,Potassium

  • Are these metals in a separate sealed container?


  • Are toxic chemicals in a secured/ locked location?


  • Are the oxidizers stored away from the flammable chemicals?


  • Are labels available for the chemical containers and the labels meet the legal requirements?

  • Are chemicals stored separately from organic chemicals like sugar and flour?

General Housekeeping

  • Is the area tidy?

  • Are MSDS sheets available?

  • Are they less than 3 years old?

  • Are there two exits from the room?

  • Are the exits clear of obstructions?

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