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Security Control

  • 1.Are visitors/contractors signed in at the guard house with badges and passes ?

  • 2.Are vehicles being checked upon arrival and before leaving the site ?

  • 3.Are vehicles being parked in designated area for visitor and employee parking ?

  • 4.Are there access control into the main buildings and sensitive area of the site ?


  • 1.Are materials and products being stored safely ( stable stacking)

  • 2. Are forklifts drivers trained and drive safely ?

  • 3. Are forklifts regularly inspected and in good condition ?

  • 4.. Are forklift battery charging area clean, well ventilated, no combustible materials in the area ? Fire extinguishers available ?

  • 5. Are storage racks inside the warehouse in good conditions and safe ?

  • 6..Are fire alarm, fire extinguisher, fire exits clear of any obstructions

  • 7. Are pallets being stored safely and stable ?

  • 8.Are traffic control around warehouse good and safe ?

  • 9. Are material loading handled in safe manner ? Use of proper PPE and equipment ?

  • 10.Are trucks being parked safely, with wheel stoppers being used ?


  • 1.Are boilers being regularly inspected ? (e.g. safety valves, safety features)

  • 2.Are boiler chemical being stored properly ?

  • 3..Are electrical panels closed, clear of any obstruction (at least 1 meter clearance in front of panel )?

  • 4..Are the area clean, no leaks, standing water on the floors ?

  • 5..Are high voltage transformers locked for unauthorized access ? Warning sign available ?

  • 6.Are LOTO being used ?

  • 7.Are roof access being controlled to prevent unauthorized person ?

  • 8. Are fire hoses regularly inspected and clear of obstruction ?

Maintenance workshop

  • 1.Is oil and chemical used in workshop stored properly i.e. with secondary containment, label, SDS available ?

  • 2.Are equipment guards in place and working properly ?

  • 3.Are gas cylinders stored upright and secured ?

  • 4.Are electrical cabinets closed and no blockage?

  • 5.Are used oil disposed properly ?

  • 6.Are fire extinguishers available and inspected ?

  • 7.Is the workshop house keeping good ? ( no littering, no clutter, tidy ?)

Waste Water Management

  • 1.Are waste water discharge quality in compliance with IEAT discharge limit ?

  • 2.Is the waste water treatment system working properly ? Any foul smell, any sign of malfunction ?

  • 3.Is there over flow of waste water into the storm drain ?

  • 4. Is there waste water daily monitoring record ?

  • 5.Is waste water chemical being stored properly ? secondary containment in place, properly labeling, no spill ?

  • 6. Is waste water sludge stored properly ?

  • 7.Is waste water sludge disposed properly according to schedule ?

  • 8.Is sanitary waste water being treated properly ? ( from toilets, canteen)

  • 9.Are sanitary waste water sumps regularly cleaned, no over flow ?

Storm Drain

  • 1.are storm drains around the site clean, free of debris,food waste, rubbish, oil spill, construction debris ?

  • 2.Are storm drains outside the fence of the site clean, free of debris, rubbish, oil spills, construction debris ?

  • 3. Are storm drains properly sloped, dry and no standing water ?

  • 4.are there sediment traps/barrier in place to prevent any sediment going out from site ? ( particularly in case of construction activities )

  • 5.Is emergency drain shut down gate working properly ( near the Security guard house)

Waste Management

  • 1. Food wastes storage area are clean, no waste spills on the floor ??

  • 2 - General Waste are collected for disposal regularly according to schedule ?

  • 3 - Waste bins areas are clean, no leaches, no spills ?

  • 4.Recycle wastes are stored in the correct container ? Recycle wastes are properly segregated ?

  • 5.Hazardous wastes are stored in correct container and properly labelled ? No spillage ?

  • 6.Daily waste records available ?

  • 7.Is food waste from canteen disposed properly ?

  • 8.Is medical waste from clinic disposed properly ?

Chemical Handling

  • 1.Hazardous Substance Register complete and available?

  • 2. Material Safety Data Sheets available for all chemicals?

  • 3. All containers labelled correctly?

  • 4. Are there spill kits and secondary containment available ?

  • 5. Are toxic chemicals properly handled ? ( properly store, and segregate?)

  • 6. If required is PPE available?

  • 7- Is adequate ventilation provided?

  • 8. Are eye washes and showers easily accessed? Are they working properly ?

  • 9.Are flammable liquids properly stored in flammable cabinets ?

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