Job Details

  • Kdec Job Number

  • Brief Job Description

Common Site Specific Risks

  • Working at heights?

  • Live work?

  • Lock out tag out required?

  • Manual handling?

  • Site Specific Hazard?
  • Identified hazard

  • Control measures put in place

  • Is the work safe to continue?

Select SWMS that are to be implemented for the job

  • SWMS 1. Basic fault finding

  • SWMS 2. Working in a trench or pit

  • SWMS 3. Confined spaces

  • SWMS 4. Asbestos

  • SWMS 5. Live work

  • SWMS 6. Isolation and work on electrical equipment

  • SWMS 7. Conduit installation prior to concrete being poured

  • SWMS 8. Conduit installation in the ground

  • SWMS 9. Conduit installation in walls and ceiling spaces

  • SWMS 10. Cable and ladder tray installation

  • SWMS 11. Working in risers

  • SWMS 12. Using portable ladders

  • SWMS 13. Installing light fittings

  • SWMS 14. Installation of switchboards

  • SWMS 15. Installation of switchboard connections

  • SWMS 16. Installation of lighting looms

  • SWMS 17. Installation of cable supports

  • SWMS 18. Installation of mains

  • SWMS 19. New work in existing switchboards

  • SWMS 20. Installation of submains

  • SWMS 21. Installation of power and light cables

  • SWMS 22. Installation of power points

  • SWMS 23. Manual Handling

  • SWMS 24. Working with elevated work platforms

  • SWMS 25. Isolate, Lockout and Test

  • SWMS 26. Working at heights

  • SWMS 27. Installing ceiling mounted lights and speakers

  • SWMS 28. Removal of PCB's

  • SWMS 29. Disconnecting an existing installation

  • SWMS 30. Installation of SELV cables

  • SWMS 31. Demolition and dismantling

  • SWMS 32. Hazardous substances

  • SWMS 33. Plant equipment

  • SWMS 34. Testing and tagging of appliances

  • SWMS 35. Using mobile scaffolds

  • SWMS 36. Working on a road or railway

  • SWMS 37. Solar installation

  • Any other hazards not documented above

  • Additional information to get the job done safely

Damage to note prior to work starting

  • Description

  • Customer has been informed

  • Photos if needed

  • Drawings if needed

  • Customers Name and Signature

JSA Sign On

  • Tradesmen

  • Tradesman
  • Tradesman signature

  • Visitor
  • Visitors Signature

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