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  • Are all electrical connections housed securely within the terminals?<br>

  • Are all electrical cable runs protected from possible damage?<br>

  • Are RCD / ELCB circuit breakers fitted to the mains distribution panels?<br>

  • Are the mains distribution boxes locked to prevent unauthorised access<br>

  • Are electrical warning signs displayed to identify electric shock risks?<br>

  • Is all exposed metal bonded to protect against electrical discharge?<br>

  • Is reduced voltage equipment in use including transformers?<br>

  • Are electrical installation operatives fully competent and trained?<br>

  • Is there an electrical permit to work procedure initiated on the Project?<br>

  • Are electrical testing and inspection procedures carried out frequently?<br>

  • Are temporary sockets and switches weather proof and durable?<br>

  • Are all electrical cable runs positioned off the floor and above height?<br>

  • Are the operatives tools insulated and in good repair for the tasks?<br>

  • Is task lighting acceptable for all works under dark conditions?<br>

  • Are the lighting levels acceptable for night shift operations?<br>

  • Is all electrical works covered under a suitable<br>RAMS procedure?<br>

  • Have tool box talks to operatives covered electrical hazards on site?<br>

  • Is all electrical equipment away from adverse weather and standing water?<br>

  • Are all sockets, switches and temp electrical apparatus free from defects?<br>

  • Is there an inspection process in place for all electrical power tool on site?<br>

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