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Keeping Everyone Safe

1. Mandatory Notices

  • 1.1 Is the certificate of employer's liability insurance displayed and current?

  • 1.2 Is the Health & Safety law information available?

  • 1.3 Is the law poster in the latest format?

  • 1.4 Is the current Company H&S Statement displayed?

  • 1.5 Is the current set of Policies and Procedures being used in the nursery? (Version 5 upwards)

  • 1.6 Is the Keeping Everyone Safe newsletter displayed and available to nursery staff?

2. Building Security

  • 2.1 Is the entrance of the nursery secure? *

  • 2.2 Are visitors requested ID upon arrival?

  • 2.3 Are all visitors asked to sign in the visitors book?

  • 2.4 Does the nursery have a system for dealing with intruders?

3. Training & Competency

  • 3.1 Have the Nursery Manager and Deputy Manager attended or booked to attend the Keeping Everyone Safe Management Training?

  • 3.2 Can the certificates of attendance be evidenced?

  • 3.3 How many members of staff have a current paediatric first aid certificate?

  • 3.4 Does the number of staff qualified in paediatric first aid equate to more than 50% of the nursery staff team?

  • 3.5 Have all staff attended or been booked to attend a basic food hygiene course?

  • 3.6 Have all staff completed the fire safety e-learning module on the Learning Zone?

  • 3.7 Have the Nursery Manager, Deputy Manager, and Cook attended Fire Marshal training?

  • 3.8 Have all staff attended or been booked to attend the basic Child Protection training?

  • 3.9 Have the Nursery Manager, Deputy Manager, and Third in Charge attended or been booked to attend the Advanced Child Protection training? *

4. Risk Assessment

  • 4.1 Are risk assessments in place?

  • 4.2 Have risk assessments been reviewed at suitable intervals?

  • 4.3 Are any specific risk assessments available?<br>For example New and Expectant Mothers, Young Worker, Child Medical needs...

5. Fire Safety

  • 5.1 Is the Fire Safety Log Book in place and used?

  • 5.2 Is a copy of the nursery fire risk assessment available?

  • 5.3 Has the fire risk assessment been reviewed in the last 12 months?

  • 5.4 Have all remedial items raised in the assessment been completed within the specified time frame where that time has expired?

  • 5.5 Has the fire alarm been serviced in the last 12 months?

  • 5.6 Has the fire alarm been tested weekly?

  • 5.7 Have the extinguishers been serviced annually?

  • 5.8 Have the extinguishers been inspected monthly?

  • 5.9 Are fire drills carried out monthly? *

  • 5.10 Date of last fire drill

  • 5.11 Has the emergency lighting been serviced annually?

  • 5.12 Is the emergency lighting tested monthly?

  • 5.13 Are fire doors checked monthly?

  • 5.14 Are all exits clear and unobstructed?

  • 5.15 Are all exits easy to open?

  • 5.16 Are areas free of accumulations of combustible materials?

  • 5.17 Is the nursery free of any obvious fire hazards?

  • 5.18 Additional comments

6. Electricity

  • 6.1 Has the fixed wire testing been carried out in the last 5 years?

  • 6.2 Date of last fixed wire testing?

  • 6.3 Have all portable appliances been subject to PAT in the last 12 months?

  • 6.4 Date of last portable appliance testing

  • 6.5 Are socket covers in place throughout the nursery?

  • 6.6 Is all electrical equipment in good visual order?

  • 6.7 Are electrical switch rooms free of combustible materials?

7. Control of Hazardous Substances

  • 7.1 Are data sheets held for hazardous substances?

  • 7.2 Have COSHH assessments been carried out?

  • 7.3 Have they been reviewed at appropriate intervals?

  • 7.4 Are relevant COSHH assessments readily available to staff in rooms?

8. Manual Handling

  • 8.1 Have manual handling assessments been carried out?

  • 8.2 Have they been reviewed at appropriate intervals?

9. Nursery Premises

  • 9.1 Do staff complete safety checks throughout the day?

  • 9.2 Are finger guards in place and in good condition for all doors where children are present?

  • 9.3 Is evidence available of the nursery's legionella assessment?

  • 9.4 Is the monthly temperature check log (HSF/11/02) being completed?

  • 9.5 Is evidence available of nursery asbestos survey? Where applicable.

  • 9.6 Has the nursery boiler been serviced in the last 12 months?

  • 9.7 Does the nursery have a working carbon monoxide detector/sensor positioned within the vicinity of the boiler(s)?

  • 9.8 Is there adequate lighting in the outdoor area?

  • 9.9 Are external surfaces, such as car park and entrance, in good order?

  • 9.10 Are there any other hazards or concerns?

10. Kitchen

  • 10.1 What was the date of the last Environmental Health inspection?

  • 10.2 If applicable, what food safety rating was awarded to the nursery kitchen?

  • 10.3 If applicable, have all items raised at the last EH inspection been completed within the time frame?

  • 10.4 Is the Safer Food Better Business / Cook Safe (Scotland) pack fully completed?

  • 10.5 Are the daily diary sheets (HSF/13/01) fully completed?<br>View past records

  • 10.6 Is the cleaning schedule in place and followed?

  • 10.7 Are monthly reviews being completed with the Nursery Manager?

  • 10.8 Is the kitchen, including equipment, in an acceptable condition?

  • 10.9 Is the cook qualified to a minimum of level 2 Food Hygiene?

  • 10.10 Is the cooks certificate valid and in date?

  • 10.11 Are reasonable procedures in place to prevent children entering the kitchen?

  • 10.12 Are there any other hazards or concerns?

11. Dietary Requirements

  • 11.1 For children with dietary requirements does the nursery have a system for ensuring all details are regularly reviewed with parents and then shared with the staff team? *

  • 11.2 Is the Dietary Requirements form (HSF/10/05) displayed throughout the nursery? *

  • 11.3 Has it been dated within the last month? *

  • 11.4 Does the nursery have a system in place to identify children and their dietary requirements during meal times? *

12. Milk Preparation

  • 12.1 Is the milk preparation area in an acceptable condition?

  • 12.2 Are fridge temperature checks completed?

  • 12.3 Is the approved bottle labelling system in place and being used?

  • 12.4 Are there clear records of children's milk requirements?

  • 12.5 Is there a double checking system in place?

13. Laundry Room

  • 13.1 Are procedures in place to prevent children entering the laundry room?

  • 13.2 Is the room clean and tidy?

  • 13.3 Is the tumble dryer free of lint?

14. Nappy Changing and Toileting Areas

  • 14.1 Is there a system in place to ensure that nappy change areas are clean?

  • 14.2 Are there adequate systems in place to prevent children falling off nappy change surfaces?

  • 14.3 Is appropriate PPE available? Gloves / Aprons

  • 14.4 Is the temperature of hot water checked and recorded weekly? (Separate to the legionella monthly testing).

  • 14.5 Are the bathroom and toilet areas in good condition?

  • 14.6 Is the area free of any other hazards or areas of concern?

15. Daytime Rest

  • 15.1 Does the nursery have a system in place for ensuring sleeping and resting children are monitored? *

  • 15.2 Is a timer used to prompt staff to check on sleeping / resting children?

  • 15.3 Can documentation be evidenced to show that sleeping / resting checks are completed?

16. Garden / Outdoor Area

  • 16.1 Is a garden checklist completed prior to each time children use the garden area?

  • 16.2 Is the garden secure? *

  • 16.3 Is the garden area free of any trip hazards?

  • 16.4 Is the garden area free of any standing water? *

  • 16.5 Is the garden equipment in good condition?

  • 16.6 Is the garden area free of any other hazards?

17. Medication

  • 17.1 Are medicines stored safely in a locked cabinet? *

  • 17.2 Is medication in date?

  • 17.3 Are appropriate forms completed when medicine is administered with all signatures obtained?

  • 17.4 Are standing authorisations in place for special medications such as epipens, nebulisers etc

18. Lifts

  • 18.1 Are passenger and goods lifts maintained?

  • 18.2 Is there a record of lift inspections available? (6 monthly and STE)

  • 18.3 Are lift plant rooms free from of storage items?

19. Summary

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