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Kerb & Channel Checklist

  • Where matching with existing kerb & channel, check and rectify level, alignment and condition?

  • Construction platform (part of sub-base as per the design) placed over subgrade?

  • Placed on compacted sub-base pavement or compacted min. 75mm thick class 3 FCR bedding? (If sub-base is in fill, compaction test results are to be 98% modified)

  • Uniform grade on kerb and channel alignment?

  • Laybacks identified placed min. 75mm thick class 3 FCR compacted bedding and boxing completed?

  • Check subsoil drain connections?

  • Check pits are in the correct location?

  • Transition identified and base prepared for transition between kerb profiles?

  • Is the width of bedding behind the kerb at driveways adequate?

  • Underground services identified for kerb stamping?

  • Line of kerb identified and provides correct road width?

  • Throat transitions at SEP's?

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