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Work Plan Compliance Review

  • Does the work plan identify journey management and DOT required information?

  • Does the work plan identify appropriate PPE and has the work site assessment been completed?

  • Has the visitors communication guide and critical activities section been completed?

  • Does the work plan list all activity & reference documents for the day?

  • Does the JSA section identify appropriate steps, hazards, hierarchy of controls, and mitigation steps?

  • Have all employees on location and all visitors to the location signed the work plan?

Work Plan Communication Review?

  • Did the employee sharing information use the communication guide while talking with you?

  • Did the employee sharing information ensure you had appropriate PPE to visit the location?

  • Was the JSA section, steps, hazards, hierarchy of controls, and mitigation steps reviewed with you?

  • Did the employee sharing information request that you repeat hazards and mitigation steps back to you?

  • Were identified reference documents available for review?

  • Can other employees on location communicate the hazards and mitigation as written and did they participate in the development process?

Work Observation Review

  • Were employees working according to the documented work activity for the day?

  • Were employees using documented mitigation for hazards identified on the work plan?

  • If a critical activity has been identified has the supervisor been notified or is a supervisor on site as identified on the work plan?

  • Were employees actively communicating while performing each job task observed?

  • Did management or the supervisor use positive reinforcement for safe behavior observed?

Best Practices Identified While On Location

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