8.1.1 Entrances - Doors cleaned and wiped

8.1.2 Entrances - Vacuum sweep and mop entrance halls, common areas

8.1.3 Windows - Clean internal windows and frames

8.1.4 Gymnasium - clean gymnasium if required (floors, equipment, mirrors)

8.1.5 Stairs - Clean and mop staircases, wipe handrails

8.1.6 Ashtrays and rubbish bins - Empty and clean ashtrays and garbage bins, replacing liners where necessary

8.1.7 Rubbish - Collect all rubbish and litter, remove to collection area

8.1.8 Garbage chute - clear garbage, ensure chute is clear

8.1.9 Floors and walls - Wash and disinfect tile floors and walls

8.1.10 Exterior Grounds - Sweep and clear litter from pavement surrounding building

8.1.11 Toilets and Change Rooms - Clean and disinfect floors, sanitary-wares, fittings and mirrors

8.1.12 Consumables - Replenish consumables

8.1.13 Car Park - Sweep and clear litter on a rotational basis, empty bins and replace liners

8.1.14 Lift Lobbies - clean lift lobbies and door glass


8.2.1 Doors and surfaces - wipe down doors and surfaces

8.2.2 Safety Inspection - Check all areas for obstruction or hazards


8.3.1 Dusting - Dust pictures, mirrors, wall hangings and signs

8.3.2 Dusting - Fire hose reels and extinguishers


8.4.1 Scrubbing and polishing of floors - marble or ceramic

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