• Have inductions taken place for all new users, are training certificates indate and in the safety file?

  • All risk assessments in the safety file and indate? e.g RA's, SOP's, CRA's, COSHH etc

  • Are all control measures being followed?

  • Is the general housekeeping in order?

  • Heating, ventilation, lighting, flooring etc. all in order?

  • Hand washing facility in order? soap and paper towel available if appropriate to the laboratory

  • First aid facilities including eyewash, Diphoterine (if applicable) in order/stocked?

  • Are fire exits kept clear?

  • Suitable seating in use? fabric chairs should not be present where hazardous chemicals are used

  • Are all chemicals stored in the correct places?

  • Are chemical storages in good order?

  • Are chemical inventories up to date? e.g on LabCup

  • Are chemicals sufficiently labelled?

  • Is waste suitably disposed of? E.g. chemicals, cardboard, sharps etc. free of overflowing bins, over accumulation of waste and incorrect disposal

  • Are spill kits available? If applicable

  • Are fume cabinets in good order and being used appropriately i.e free of clutter, if applicable

  • Are gas cylinders in date?

  • Are all gas cylinder fixed securely?

  • Are gas cylinder regulators indate and connected correctly?

  • Are gas monitors in good working order and indate? Where applicable

  • Are pressure vessels indate and being used appropriately? e.g free from icing, PRV indate

  • Are all lifting tackle and mechanical aids in good condition and indate where applicable?

  • Is any working at height equipment indate and tested? E.g ladders, elephant stools, working platforms

  • Is electrical equipment in good order e.g no obvious damage, clean water in water baths etc

  • Is PPE being used, in good condition, stored and disposed of correctly? E.g safety boots, correct gloves, safety glasses, lab coats, face visors etc

Inspectors initials

  • Action required: If issues are found, what corrective actions are required? By whom? Research report to academic in charge of area. Teaching report to support staff, Building report to TOM or Building manager



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