Door Notice Information

  • Is the door notice information correct?

  • Contacts to be up dated

  • Hazard information need for lab

  • Select the types of gases in the lab

  • List of other gases and mixtures

  • Where needed is restricted access maintained?

Chemicals and Gases

  • Do all regulators have B codes?

  • Scan cylinder regulator bar codes

Fume Cupboards / Microbiological Cupboards / Chemical Cupboards

  • Are the fume cupboards fit for purpose?

  • Are the fume cupboard logs being completed?

  • What is the date of the last entry?

  • Is the Bio cabinet log being completed?

  • Date of last service / test

  • Are there cupboards available to store hazardous chemicals?

  • Select the types of chemical storage available.

  • Are the chemicals stored correctly?

Lab Equipment and Experiments

  • Has the PAT Been carried out?

  • All electrical appliances are still compliant

  • Does the equipment and experiments running over night have an up to date permit?

  • Are the fridges and freezers correctly labeled and fit for purpose?

  • Are the fridge and freezer logs being completed?

Risk Assessments, COSHH, BioCOSHH and Emergency Information

  • Are RAs and COSHH Assessments up to date?

  • Is the First Aid Kit complete?

  • Are there Eye Wash bottles available and in date?

  • Is the emergency shower log being completed?

  • Date of last test.

  • Is there a spill kit in the lab? Does it contain material to tackle a biological spill?


  • PPE available

  • The lab benches;

  • The Lab sinks;

  • Are there disinfectants available?

  • Are all the lab bins being emptied, including,

    General waste
    Glass bin
    Bio bins

  • Is there hand washing facilities available?

  • No evidence of food or drink.

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