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  • Inspected By

  • Job Site

  • Ladder serial number

  • Rungs are free of mud, grease, oil, wet paint, snow or other slippery substances

  • Parts are free of defects (cracks, dents, bends, breaks, corrosion, rust, etc.)

  • Rungs, steps and side rails are connected securely

  • Bolts, rivets, nails and screws are secure

  • Moving parts move freely without binding or too much play

  • Safety shoes or padded feet are in good repair and clean- not missing or loose

  • Slip-resistant tread on feet is in good condition - not excessively worn

  • The ladders require lubricant on working mechanisms for better and easier use.


  • Spreader Bars are tight and have all rivets

  • Spreader Bars open fully and lock


  • Metal bearings in locks, wheels and pulleys are lubricated

  • Locks or latching mechanisms are not missing, broken, loose

  • Locking guides engage properly

  • Rope tracks properly in pulley

  • Ropes are not frayed, cut, badly worn, burned or showing mildew

  • Ropes are free of tangles


  • Deficiences

  • Action To Be Taken

  • By whom and by when

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  • Additional Comments

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  • If there is any significant damage or problems with the ladder let management know immediately!

  • Person doing ladder check

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