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Health and Safety Culture

  • Does the business team manager attend the PSRB?

  • Are safety observation tours (SOT) conducted?

  • Are safe operating procedures posted?

  • SPQRCe boards up to date?

  • Employee safety concers being tracked?

Risk Control - Energy Control

  • Performing lockout & test?

  • Personal safety locks?

  • ELC, CAP and ASA placards in place and legible?

  • Using ESWP equipment and tools?

  • Guards in place and secure?

Risk Control - Personal Protective Equipment

  • Head - Hard Hats

  • Eyes - Safety Glasses

  • Hearing - Ear plugs / Muffs

  • Fall Protection (verify annual inspection)

  • Hands & Arms Gloves / Sleeves

  • Legs & Feet - Safety Shoes / Boots

Risk Control - Vehicle Pedestrian Safety

  • Wearing Seat Belts

  • Vehicle Pre-op Inspection?

  • Obeying stop signs?

  • Appropriate use of yellow walkways?

  • Exits / entrances unobstructed?

  • Adhering to Orange Crush Zone requirements (orange vests)?

  • Obeying 2 foot rule with vehicles?

  • No walking and talking on PTT / cell phones?

Risk Control - Fall Protection

  • Wearing fall protection (> 3 m)?

  • Ladder properly positioned and tied off?

  • Fall protection worn in EWP.

Risk Control - Hazardous Materials Program

  • Products labelled appropriately?

  • Products stored properly?

  • Decanted / transferred products labeled?

  • Containers closed?

  • Container grounded?

  • Proper disposal of material?

Workplace Organization

  • Area free of slip and trip hazards?

  • Oil or coolant leaks contained?

  • Tools and equipment in good condition?


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