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Office and Amenities

  • Health & Safety notice boards available, unobstructed and with relevant information

  • Emergency persons names / photos displayed i.e. HSR’s, Wardens, First Aid Attendants

  • Facility Emergency Management Plan available containing correct information, staff have signed acknowledgement section

  • Emergency Wardens have completed relevant training

  • Evacuation diagram is displayed and correct for building

  • Are incident report forms (Staff and Public) or Elumina available

  • Fire extinguishers available, serviceable, tagged (up to date) & correctly identified

  • Access to fire extinguishers unobstructed

  • Entry & exits clearly marked and unobstructed

  • Bins provided & emptied regularly

  • Kitchen area clean and tidy

  • Electrical Equipment in good working order and tested / tagged

  • Toilets clean and tidy, hand wash, soap, paper towel

  • Floor surfaces secure ie carpet, tiles in good order.

  • All walkways clear from unnecessary obstructions

First Aid Facilities

  • Current first aid equipment list available in cabinet.

  • Contents within use by dates

  • Sign showing where first aid kit is located

Mobile Plant

  • Photos

  • ID:

  • Model:

  • Daily pre start inspection checklist completed by operator.

  • Faults identified have been signed off.

  • Operator competencies verified

  • Safety devices fitted – seat belts / fire extinguishers / reverse alarms / machine guards / brakes / flashing beacon

  • Safe working load charts in place and legible.

  • Motion alarms fitted and operational

  • Vehicles and trucks are maintained to manufacturers specification.

  • Operators manual on site and available to operator.

  • Mobile plant being used correctly eg. Use of spotters, not overloaded etc.

  • Motion alarms fitted and operational if required

  • Mobile plant not blocking access ways

Risk Assessment

  • Title:

  • Has a SWMS / JSA been carried out for the task?

  • Is the SWMS / JSA sufficient for the task?

  • Does SWMS reflect the current job steps?

  • Have all hazards associated with the task been identified?

  • Are the hazard controls adequate?

  • Was the work group involved in development of the SWMS / JSA?

  • Has the work group signed on the SWMS / JSA?

  • Is the work being carried out in line with SWMS / JSA?

  • Are emergency requirements identified in the SWMS / JSA?

Chemical Management

  • Photos of storage

  • Register of substances on site, current and up to date.

  • Access to register and SDS sheets available to employees

  • Segregated from other works and warning signs displayed

  • Compliance by Personnel with SDS / SWMS & PPE requirements.

  • Emergency equipment adequate and available ie. Spill containment.

  • All containers are correctly labelled

  • Are risk control measures in place and known by end users

  • Are adequate first aid facilities available at storage area i.e. Eye wash

  • Are training records available for personnel using or handling hazardous substances.

  • Are Hazardous substances being disposed of correctly

  • Access and egress unobstructed to storage areas

  • Ventilation adequate to remove and maintain atmospheric levels below exposure limits

  • All PPE as per the SDS (section 8) is available on site

  • Spillage retention measures adopted where containers are opened for transfer

  • Storage of chemicals is such, that spillage cannot affect other chemicals?

Traffic Management

  • Adequate segregation of plant / equipment including public vehicles and pedestrians

  • Exclusion zones set up during loading / unloading when in close proximity to other plant / vehicles / pedestrians

  • Park up areas correctly designed.

  • Traffic management and / or control plans in place, available and followed.

  • Speed limits posted correctly.

  • All signs, markings and delineating devices as seen by road users are acceptable

Contractor Management

  • Contractors have a SWMS / JSA for the task

  • Contractor have signed onto Visitor / Site Inspection SWMS

  • Contractor is aware of emergency evacuation procedure

  • Contractor has all required Personal Protective Equipment

  • All licences and accreditation's are current and available for inspection

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