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  • For any items that fail or require improvement please log as an action not a comment and take a photo

Modular Weekly Checks

  • Fire alarm test completed (separate audit required)

  • Fire exits checked and open/close correctly

  • Has the external cleaning company completed their check sheets and has cleaning been completed to required standard

  • Furniture condition checked and without fault

  • All plug and data sockets are in good condition with no cracks or burn marks

  • Check all bats, balls, cues are available for pool table and table tennis and no faults with equipment

  • Visual check of laundry equipment and no signs of damage or faults

  • Laundry money emptied and accounted

Site Checks

  • No abandoned or hazardous vehicles on site

  • Maintenance list updated

  • Garden area is in good condition

  • Fire Point 1- (by caravan 39) extinguishers in place and test fire horns

  • Fire Point 2- (by caravan 13) extinguishers in place and test fire horns

  • Fire Point 3- (by caravan 1) extinguishers in place and test fire horns

  • Fire Point 4 - (by caravan 22) extinguishers in place and test fire horns

  • Smoking bins emptied in communal smoking shed

  • Litter and cigarette ends picked up across site

General comments/observations

  • Have you got any other comments/observations

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