Please select the equipment being used
Pre-Operation Safety Checklist

Was the mowing equipment driven to the site or hauled in a trailer?

If hauled to work site, are the truck and trailer parked in a safe and visible location?

Are there any known hazards where the mowing or trimming operation will be taking place?

Was a visual inspection performed of the equipment prior to operation?

Are all protective guards and shields in place and secured on the mowing and hand held equipment?

Is the mowing area clear of large debris such as sticks, rocks, garbage, etc.?

Identify slope of mowing operation.

If greater then 15 degree slope, is the mowing operation conducted within the manufacturers allowable slope for the mowing equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment

Is high visibility clothing being worn while operating mowing or hand held equipment?

Is hearing protection being worn while operating mowing or hand held equipment.

Are safety glasses or goggles being worn while operating mowing or hand held equipment.

Does footwear meet all requirements to safely perform mowing or hand held operations? (i.e. closed toe, safety toe, non-slip, etc.)

Are long pants being worn to prevent leg injuries if mowing or using hand held equipment for trimming or edging?

Operational Safety Checks

Was the operator wearing a seat belt while the mowing equipment was moving?

Did the operator perform all tasks at a safe speed?

Was a buffer zone maintained within 5 feet of a drop-off while operating riding equipment?

If equip, did the mower have a strobe light working and turned on?

Was the operator alert and aware of potential hazards while operating equipment?

Are the mower blades turned off when crossing gravel paths, removing the grass catcher, unclogging any chute, or when away from the mower?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.