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  • Dec’17 - 1.0

  • Livestock Express - Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC)

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • QHSE

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Are work and rest hour record accurately filled?

  • Are officers familiar with DSC functions?

  • Are digital publications complete and up to date?

Deck / Engine Room - Walk about

  • Are all fire doors to the accommodation and engine room escape trunking able to close automatically when activated or closing effectively?

  • Are all self closing sounding pipes in working condition and with out defects?

  • Is the fire detection system in working condition <br>- Ensure there is no fault on any detectors

  • Is the Emergency generator able to put on load<br>- run the gen set and switch over the cargo lighting to the Emergency gen set.

  • Are all water tight doors in the cargo hold able to close and with out defect

  • Are Engine room dampers and ventilation closing effectively? Are the flaps and louvers in good condition?

  • Are heated pipes and exhaust trunks adequately insulated? Insulation materials covering the pipes fully, not oil soaked?

  • Are retroreflective tapes in LSA equipment in good condition?<br>

  • Are ME leakage alarm tested and working?

  • Are auto closing valves working correctly?

  • Are pilot ladders tagged and certified?<br>

  • Are voyage plan taken to account the Marpol regulations?<br>

  • Are lagging and pipe insulation’s in good condition?

  • Are electrical panels provided by insulation mats?

  • Are LSA retroreflective tapes in good condition?

  • Are fuel leakage alarm tested and working good?

  • Is the ER flooring free from obvious oil leakage?

  • Are the bulkhead frame of chain locker in good condition, no signs of hole or leakages?

  • Are navigation lights and signal lights all working good?

  • Are officers familiar with DSC functions?

  • Are work and rest hour record accurately filled?

  • Are rescue and lifeboat markings correct?

  • Is Plimsoll marks clearly painted? Or readable?

  • Are launching procedures posted under emergency light?

  • Are fixed CO2 fixed FFA hoses in good condition and not pinched?

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