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Standard 10

  • A1. Has the employer assessed the risks to the learner/young person, taking into account their age, experience, immaturity and lack of awareness of risks?

    Are risk assessments available for all activities to be carried out by learner/young person?
    Have you read and understood the risk assessments and control measures?
    Are you satisfied that these are adequate?

  • Representative sample of general risk assessments collected

  • Young Person risk assessments collected (if applicable)

  • A2. Have the risk assessments taken into account any other special needs or circumstances including disability and/or health problems (if applicable)

  • B. Has the employer put into place control measures for the learner/young person as a result of assessments and informed the learner and supervisor(s)?

    Are both parties aware of the hazards and controls identified in the risk assessments?
    Test apprentices understanding of Risk Assessments
    Test supervisors understanding of Risk Assessments
    Are you satisfied they have a good understanding of these hazards and the control measures that will be implemented?

  • C. Detail any necessary provisions and restrictions identified by the risk assessments that apply to the learner/young person.

  • D. Does the employer provide competent supervision for the learner/young person and do they take overall responsibility for them?
    (Note - where necessary, suitability checks may be required for reasons of child protection and the protection of vulnerable adults ).

    What are the supervisory arrangements i.e. Is it 1-1 supervision, task specific supervision, or are they left on their own to get on with job?
    What supervision is provided for high risk activities identified in the risk assessment?
    Is this adequate?
    Who has overall charge of the apprentice?
    Is this person competent?
    Is this person experienced in supervision an apprentice?

  • E. Does the employer provide an induction and on-going information, instruction and training to learner/young person reflecting the findings of risk assessment, working environment, work activities, age, experience and any special needs?

    Is the learner/young person confident in carrying out the activities in a safe manner?
    Have you walked through the activities with the learner/young person and supervisor?
    Are you satisfied that the control measures are effective?

  • Copy of induction program collected

  • Copy of training plan collected

  • Evidence of refresher training collected

  • F. Does the employer provide free of charge any necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as identified by the risk assessment and ensure its proper use?

  • Copy of proof of PPE issued collected (if applicable)

  • Copy of PPE training record collected (if applicable)

  • Evidence of PPE being worn (if applicable)

  • Assessment of Standard 10


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