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Control levelers and warning indicator Inspections

  • Are all controls and operating mechanisms in good condition with no excessive wear?

  • Are all operating mechanisms properly adjusted?

  • Are all warning indicators (load, boom angle, wind) working properly?

  • Do electric terminals and connection have signs of deterioration, wearing, having bad connections, or dirty controls?

Hoisting Applications

  • Are there any signs of deformations, cracks, on safety hooks?

  • Is there 15% in excess of normal throat opening on hook?

  • Is there signs of excessive wear, twists, stretching or distortions of links beyond MFGR's specifications on chains and end connections?

  • Are there any signs of excessive wear, twist, stretch, kinks, or broken wires on wire ropes, slings and end collections?

  • Are there any signs of bends, twisted parts, broken welds, cracks, or heavy rust on boom/crane structure?

  • is there any significant wear or cracks on crane sheaves or draw works drums?

Carrier Inspections

  • Are there any leaks identified on crane air or hydraulic systems?

  • Are out riggers in good condition with no signs of damage, or leaks?

  • Are all guards in place on rotating piece of equipment?

  • Are tires in good condition with no excess wear and serviceable?

  • Is fire extinguisher readily available on vehicle mounted crane?

  • Are there any damaged windows or cracks on vehicle?

  • Is break system in good condition and operational as per operator?

  • Is there any other damage or discrepancy not identified by inspection?

  • Provide Pictures of Vehicle mounted Crane and annual crane inspection.

  • Signature of Team Member Conducting Inspection.

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