Team Members

Is the rock wall open?

Are Team Members in Proper Uniform? (Approved: LT Climb shirt, LT Branded grey or black shirt, black pants and rock climbing / tennis shoe)

Are Team Members actively monitoring the climbing area?

Are Team Members actively engaging with climbers when not performing duties?

Did Team Members display detailed climbing knowledge and a passion for the sport?

If observed, were team members able to identify and resolve problems?

Safety procedures are being followed to keep climbers safe.

Climbers being clipped in correctly

Correctly clipped in

Harnessed and Clipped Child - Correct (1).jpg

Incorrectly clipped in

Harnessed and Clipped Child - Incorrect (1).jpg

Incorrectly clipped in

Harnessed and Clipped Child - Incorrect.jpg

Was the sign-in table/kiosk organized and presentable and stocked with marketing materials?

Correct Set-up: Forms and Wristbands

Check In - Desk - Forms and Wristbands.jpg

Correct Table Set-up: Forms, Wristbands, Marketing and Climber Log/Equipment Checkout

Check In Desk - Correct (3).jpg

Incorrect Table Set-up: Personal items, Food, Coffee, Misc. Items

Check In Desk - Incorrect (1).jpg

Kiosk Desk - CLEAN

Kiosk Desk - Correct (1).jpg

Kiosk Desk - NOT CLEAN - Personal items and on social media

Kiosk Desk - Incorrect (1).jpg

Did the team member verify that the climbing waiver was on file? (In RW MMS or Paper Waivers)

Are new climbers receiving the "assumption of risk statement"?

Are new climbers provided a facility orientation, auto belay and/or bouldering orientation?

Is the proper staff to climber ratio being maintained? (10:1 - active climbers)

Are climbers under the age of 12 being supervised by an adult chaperone?

Are all belayers and lead climbers at least 14 years old?

Is anyone under the age of 5 in the climbing area?

Were the climbers added to the Drop-in Log? If Life Time equipment was used was the equipment number recorded? If not, did the member initial "no equipment used"?

Drop-in Log being utilized and complete.

Log- Correct.jpg

Were climbers greeted professionally and welcomed to the climbing wall?


Is a rock wall Team Member or rock wall Supervisor available?

What ways are you actively helping to promote and support participation at the wall? Answer: Engage with climbers, promote instructional programs, suggest new routes or climbs within skill level, check in with new climbers to gauge quality of experience.

What steps should be followed if a climber is injured? Answer: Any physical change or any type of fall requires an incident form to be submitted to the Incident Report Center. If a climber falls, they shouldn't be moved and a code 100 should be called to determine next steps. For other major and minor incidents, immediately communicate incident to Kids Leadership team and legal parent or guardian.

What types of programs are available for climbers to participate in? Answer: youth and adult instructional classes, youth climbing team, belay and lead certification classes, Kids Climb Night events.


Was the climbing area free of garbage?

Trash visible in climbing pit area

Trashed Flooring.jpg

Are all lead anchors attached at designated points?

Anchor bolt and quicklink tight. Can't be loosened with fingers.

Anchored Clip.jpg

Any loose or missing wall texture where the wood structure is visible, or large cracks?

Missing Hold and Damaged Wall

Damanged Hold.jpg

Wallpaper is clean and not torn

Wallpaper dirty and torn - NOT Approved

Wall Paper - Poor Condition.jpg

Is the landing surface fluffed, raked and generally even?

Is the landing surface at a minimum of 6" deep? (check 3 spots)

Landing Surface at least 6" deep

Rubber flooring - 6 inches - correct.jpg

Landing surface NOT 6" and exposes flooring

Uneven Rubber - Exposed flooring - incorrect.jpg

Window ledges and cubbies free of rubber pieces?

Rubber and/or trash on window sills

Rubber on Window Sills - Incorrect (1).jpg

Gym Floor FREE of Rubber

Gym floor clear of rubber (Mat a great option BUT not required)

Gym Floor - Clean - Correct (1).jpg

Rubber on gym floor - NOT approved

Rubber Flooring on Gym Floor - Incorrect.jpg

Was any retired equipment found within the climbing area? If yes, could it be mistaken for non-retired equipment?

Was equipment organized, stored neatly, and not stored on the floor?

Was the area behind the wall clean and organized?

Shelving, buckets, and bins utilized. All organized and properly labeled.

Behind Wall Storage (1).jpg

Shelving, containers and drawers utilized. All organized and properly labeled if applicable.

Behind Wall Storage.jpg

Is the auto-belay cable rubbing on anything that is damaging the cable, wall or holds?

Cable should NOT be damaging holds or wall

Auto Belay Rubbing on Hold - Incorrect (2).jpg

Are all auto-belays secured to the wall with a padlock when the climbing area is not in use? See below images for correct and incorrect lock-up.

Auto-Belay correct lock-up

Auto Belay Lock - Correct (1).jpg

Incorrect Auto-Belay lock-up

Auto Belay Lock - Incorrect (2).jpg

Are all auto-belays operational or a work order has been submitted?

Were Quick Links securely fastened (Can't loosen with fingers)

Properly Installed - Can't be loosened with fingers.

D Ring - Correct.jpg

Are there any ropes hanging within 3 feet of an auto-belay cable?

Ropes twisted with cable - NOT APPROVED

Twisted Ropes - Incorrect (1).jpg

Were daisy ropes chained and up when not being utilized?

Correct: Climbing ropes appropriately daisy chained

Daisy Chain - Correct (1).jpg

Correct: Climbing ropes appropriately daisy chained (Close-up)

Daisy Chain - Up Close - Correct.jpg

Incorrect: Climbing ropes NOT appropriately daisy chained

Daisy Chain - Incorrect.jpg

Were routes clearly marked by either tape or by hold color?

Routes correctly labeled with colored tape.

Beginning Route Clearly Marked.jpg

Routes correctly labeled with colored holds

Routes Clearly Marked - Correct.jpg

Poorly marked route - Tape shouldn't be on hold.

Route Marked - Poor (1).jpg

Were there enough routes for beginners? Rated: 5.6 / 5.7

Have any routes been up for longer than one year? (Recommended: Changing every 6-9 months)

Sample of route card

Route Date under one year - correct.jpg

Did all routes and boulder problems have route cards at their start?

Were there any spinning or loose holds on the wall?


Auto-Belay: DAILY Inspection Log

Completed DAILY Inspection Log

Auto-belay inspection log - DAILY.jpg

Auto-Belays: EVERY 2 WEEKS

Completed Bi-Weekly Inspection Log

Auto-belay inspection log.jpg

Auto-Belays: Vendor YEARLY Inspection - (Check for sticker with expiration date behind wall)

Top and Lead Ropes: Inspected 2x's per month

Harnesses: Inspection completed 2x's per month

Belay Tools: Inspection completed 2x's per month

Completed Belay Tool Inspection Log

Belay Tool inspection log.jpg

Carabiners: Inspection completed 2x's per month

Completed Carabiner Inspection Log

Carabiner inspection log.jpg

Helmets: Inspected 1x per month

Completed Helmet Inspection Log

Helmet inspection log.jpg

Webbing: Inspected 1x per month

Rock Wall Facility: Inspected 1x per month

Completed Facility Inspection Log

Facility Inspection.jpg

Climbing Shoes: Inspected alternating months

Completed Shoe Inspection Log

Shoe inpection log.jpg

Shoes: Poor condition

Rock Climbing Shoe - Poor Condition (1).jpg

Are all equipment items labeled and correspond with the inspection log?


Employee Files: Climbing Waiver (paper or digital) - Spot check 2 TMs

Employee Files: Training Checklist - Spot check 2 TMs

Employee Files: SOP sign-off - Spot check 2 TMs

Employee Files: Practical Assessment - Spot check 2 TMs

Employee Files: Written Test - Spot check 2 TMs

Party / Camp TM Employee Files: Climbing Waiver - Spot check 2 TMs - Completed correctly?

Party/Camp TM Employee Files: Climbing Quiz - Spot check 2 TMs - Complete correctly?


Programming/Event flyers available at the Rock Wall?

Was marketing material available in locations outside of the climbing area?

Marketing material current?

Were flyers and displays correctly branded?

Marketing Flyers available and up-to-date

Check In Desk with Flyers - Correct.jpg

Were monthly business plans being developed by the Kids Manager and Rock Wall Supervisor?

Were Open Wall hours posted outside the climbing area?

Hours are accurate and printed on LT Climb branded notification.

Climbing Hours Posted - Correct.jpg

Rock Wall Rules OR Closed Rock Wall Sign posted (A frame or fabric option)

Open Wall - Rules Showing - Correct.jpg

The Climb Safely Rules are posted at Rock Wall.

Climb Safely Rules

Climbing Safety Rules Posted.jpg

Has the LT Climb Program hit its previous three monthly revenue goals?

Has the LT Climb Program remained within its operational labor budget the past three months?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.