• This form is to be used by CAMO Quality Personnel when conducting line maintenance station desktop audits in accordance with procedure CAMO-AUDIT.
    The following information should be compiled and reviewed before completing the audit checklist;-

    For all stations;-
    1. Current Part 145 approval certificate (Form 3).
    2. Current approved copy of the MOE or equivalent.
    3. Sample of 30 recent (within 6 months) arrival sector technical log pages.
    4. AIR ESR and ASR report showing all event attributed to the station in the past 12 months.
    5. List of SEA's issued for the station in the past 12 months.
    6. The last desktop audit report for the station if applicable.

    For contracted agency suppliers;-
    1. Signed copy of the contract.
    2. Completed CAMO-X006A station inspection report.

    For BA stations;-
    1. Copy of the last ASA.

1 ALL STATIONS (MA 708 (c)/CAMO.A.315(c))

  • Complete this section for all suppliers;- BA and contracted.

  • 1.1 Is the supplier approved for the scope of work undertaken at the station (line maintenance, aircraft and engine types)?

  • 1.2 If the supplier is certifying with EASA 145 Special CRS (practice 3) is the current EASA approval certificate (Form 3) issue date prior to 31-Dec-20?

  • 1.3 If the supplier is certifying under a bi-lateral agreement, are the requirements of the bi-lateral met?
    Ensure the correct 145 approval certificate, MOE (or equivalent) and 145 approval number used are sampled for compliance with the bi-lateral.

  • 1.4 Is the supplier listed on the UK CAA (UK MRO), UK CAA (Overseas), EASA Foreign 145 list (Non EU 145) or NAA 145 (EU MRO or Bi-lateral) list of approved 145 organisation?

  • 1.5 Is the location approved for the scope of work in the suppliers MOE?

  • 1.6 Does BA's MOE, Section 5.3 (DIR 10201350) WWLM approved contractor station listing show the correct aircraft type, scope of work, contracted supplier and approval number?

  • Conduct a review of 30 arrival sector technical and cabin log pages.

  • 1.7 Are log entries to the required standard?
    Check for legible, correct action taken for defect, reference to maintenance data and revision, defect code recorded, MRO 145 approval number specified, ground defects Engineer approval number stated, date format in certification field (DD/MMM/YY).

  • 1.8 Have ADD's has been raised correctly?
    Check for correct MEL been applied including deferral period and correct fields completed?

  • 1.9 Record the total number of log discrepancies:

  • Conduct a review of the past 12 months of AIR ESR and ASR events at risk level B/48-96, C/20-40, D/8-16 and E/1-7. Count the numbers that are reasonably attributed to the supplier at fault.

  • 1.10 Record the number of risk B/48-96, C/20-40, D/8-16, E/1-7 ESR and ASR's attributed to the supplier at fault. Any observations?

  • Conduct a review of the SEA's issued for the station in the past 12 months.

  • 1.11 Record the number of SEA's issued to the station:


  • Review the latest copy of the contract and any associated side letters.

  • 2.1 Is the contract to the required standard?
    IATA SGHA contract, signed by both BA and the supplier, 145 approval number stated, supplier stated is the same as that stated on the 145 approval certificate, correct scope of work an aircraft types specified and right of BA and CAA to audit?

  • Review the station inspection report (CAMO-X006A) completed by line maintenance manager and assess all observations to determine if any meet the criteria for findings.


  • Review the last LM ASA (MA-X692) completed.

  • 3.1 Has the risk register level 3 findings been updated with the number of X50 findings?


  • Review the Station inspection report (CAMO-X006A) observations for contracted stations and determine if any meet the criteria of findings of non-conformance in addition to this desktop audit.

    Review the last CAMO desktop audit (CAMO-X006B) report to determine any repeat findings.

  • Are there any findings or observations

  • Click here to add a finding.

  • Finding
  • What level is this finding


  • The following actions are required on completion of the desktop audit.

  • Desktop audit and findings recorded in AIR.

  • AIR findings assigned to AMM.

  • Contracted supplier findings form CAMO-X005 completed and sent to supplier Quality Manager for response if applicable for level 1 and 2 repeat findings.

  • Line station risk register updated

  • What is the risk?
    Record the weighted risk score from the risk register here.

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