Title Page

  • Have you conducted site 3 times during your shift?

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

If you found anything wrong during your shift please make a report on management website and submitted with your signature


  • Have you get any complaints regarding parking spots?

  • Have you checked visitor parking?

  • Have you checked garage/ P1?

Building D

  • Have you checked lobby?

  • Have you found anything in lobby?

  • Have you checked stairs?

  • Is there anything suspicious in building?

  • Have you checked P1 lobby (nearby elevator)?



  • Is everything ok in gym?

  • Have you checked temperature of spa (cold and warm)?

  • Is steam room temperature off?

  • Is Washroom cleaned in amenities?

  • Is there any booking for party room?

  • Is there any booking for billiards?

  • Is there any booking for meeting room during your shift?

  • Is there any booking for BBQ?

  • If there is any reservation during your day ……….have you pre-inspected area ?

  • Have you noticed anything suspicious on rooftop ?

Building B

  • Have you checked lobby B ?

  • All hallways are clean?

  • Have you checked garbage room?

  • Have you noticed any suspicious thing on building stairs?

  • Have you checked P1 lobby B?

Building C

  • Have you checked lobby ?

  • Is there anything suspicious?

  • Have you checked all hallways?

  • Is everything clear in building?

  • Have you checked garbage room?

Building A

  • Are you checked lobby?

  • All hallways are clear?

  • Have you checked garbage room?

  • Is it all set in compactor ?

  • Have you noticed anything(motion) on stairs?

  • Is their damage in P1 lobby A ?

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