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41.4. Lodging Checklist

  • Are fire extinguishers installed in and around lodging facilities? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Does the building custodian ensure correct phone numbers for the FES Flight, security forces and medical facility are posted on telephones on a monthly basis? This applies to commercial hotels displaying emergency numbers near telephone. AFI 91-203 para.

  • Are all fire exits clearly marked and the path of exit kept clear of equipment and materials? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Are all employees trained in proper evacuation procedures? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Are all circuit breakers and fuse boxes legibly marked to indicate their purpose? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Are machine guards installed so they do not create a hazardous situation? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Are first aid supplies readily available in housekeeping rooms or offices? AFI 91-203 para. 41.3.1

  • Do supervisors ensure personnel receive thorough instruction on proper lifting and carry techniques and the use of mechanical lifting devices? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Are soiled linens placed on shelves or in bags or containers on the housekeeper‘s cart? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Do workers unplug heat producing appliances such as irons and coffee makers when not in use? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Does heavy furniture that must be moved frequently have rollers or casters installed? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Is defective equipment tagged and removed from service until repaired? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Is equipment disconnected from its power source prior to removing filters, bags, belts, devices or moving parts? AFI 91-203 para. 41.3.9

  • Does the supervisor ensure workers wear appropriate gloves when picking up glass, jagged metal or potentially injurious trash? AFI 91-203 para. 41.3.10

  • Does the supervisor ensure workers wear appropriate gloves when picking up glass, jagged metal or potentially injurious trash? AFI 91-203 para. 41.3.10

  • Before mowing grass or edging with powered mowers or edgers, does the operator visually check areas for loose objects such as rocks, bricks or wire that can be thrown or ejected by mower or<br>edger blades? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Does the supervisor ensure snow and ice is removed from all exterior stairs, ramps, exit discharges and paths, sidewalks and other walkways? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Are enclosed workplaces and personal service rooms constructed, equipped and maintained to prevent the entrance of rodents, insects and vermin? AFI 91-203 para. 41.3.13


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