Planning & Preparation

  • Team arrive on stand at ETA -5 Mins?

  • Correct number of staff (min 2)

  • Are staff wearing correct PPE?

  • Is a FOD Inspection completed?

  • Is stand free of any obstructions?

  • Has the SEG System (AGNIS) been switched on?

  • Are Chocks/Cones and PIG available on stand?

  • Are they fully serviceable?

GSE & Services Present on Stand

  • EBT and Baggage Carts (empty)

  • Pushback Tractor & Tow Bar?

  • Passenger Steps (minimum 1 set if aircraft equipped with integral air stair, if not 2 sets required)?

  • Catering Truck?

  • Fuel Bowser?

  • Toilet Service Unit?

  • Potable Water Bowser?

Aircraft Arrival

  • Marshaller in correct position?

  • Is the Marshaller using the correct signals?

  • Have the Anti-Collision lights been extinguished before any staff/equipment approach the aircraft? (Please note when APU/Hotel Mode unavailable GPU can be connected in accordance with airline SOP please refer to the airlines GHM)

  • Has the GPU/FEGP been correctly provided and hand signals given to the Flight Deck?

  • Has the aircraft been correctly chocked?

  • Has the appropriate chocked indication been given to the Flight Deck?

  • Have cones been correctly positioned?

  • Has the Tail Prop been correctly deployed (aircraft specific)?

  • Has a thorough 360 walk around been conducted?

  • Have the passenger steps been correctly positioned observing No-Touch policy and are the stabilisers correctly deployed?

  • Have the Pawl Locks been located?

  • Have the Cargo Doors been opened and locked?

  • Have all the holds been fully inspected?

Driving Around the Aircraft

  • Have drivers observed the correct speed limits around the aircraft/stand?

  • Are unattended vehicles switched off, or is the engine left running?

  • Are vehicles correctly parked?

  • Has the 2M rule been observed?

  • Has a Banks Person been used for all vehicles approaching the aircraft?

  • Has the driver conducted adequate braking checks in accordance with SOP?


  • Has a belt loader been employed?

  • If yes, has this been chocked?

  • Are outbound bags on stand when the aircraft arrives?

  • Have ALL hold nets been secured prior to hold closure?

  • Has the Loading Instruction (LIR/F) been correctly completed and signed?

Passenger Handling

  • Has a Marshaller been present during passenger on/offload?

  • Have PRMs been correctly on/offloaded?

Aircraft Departure

  • Are All doors (including cargo holds), closed, fully secure and inspected?

  • Have passenger steps been removed correctly? (With crew consent).

  • Is a headset available at ETD -5 Mins?

  • Has a thorough 360 walk around inspection been completed?

  • Is the Pushback Tractor/Tow bar in position at ETD -5 Mins?

  • Has the GLU/FEGP been removed correctly?

  • Is there a wing man/Marshaller in position?

  • Is the pushback performed correctly?

  • Has all GSE been removed from the stand and correctly parked in GSE parking areas?

  • Is the stand left clear and free of any obstabcles

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