Reports to take to the outlet

  • Retail Rewards

  • Revenue Report

  • LiPOMS Data Report

  • Current Floorplan

  • Cash Handling Policy

  • Scanning Compliance Report

  • MyPost Report

  • Security Report

  • Discrepancy Report

  • Stock Account Report

  • Top 10 Tips including information on MyBusiness Account

  • Passport and ID&V Error Reports

  • APLAC Member Report

Outlet Operations

  • Outlet Appearance

  • Retail CX Report

  • Customer Complaints

  • Discuss any ID&V/Passport errors or issues

  • Are there any outstanding discrepancies

  • Outlet Internal Photo

  • Comments

Acceptance & Delivery

  • Check Mail category for the outlet

  • Are current streaming posters in place?

  • Check that the Street Posting Box (SPB) is in a presentable condition. * Dangerous Goods Label * Collection Times * No Graffitti

  • Photo of SPB

  • Delivery Scanner issues and compliance

  • Awaiting Collection and Delivered Scans

  • Star Track Scans (Awaiting Collection in EPOS and Delivered Scan in Hand Held Scanner)

  • Comments

Security Standards

  • Is outlet Security Compliant?

  • Is the Security Height Marker in place and visible from the counter?

  • Is Cash Handling Policy adhered to?

  • Photo of the Office Safe

  • Comments

Post Office Boxes

  • Are the PO Boxes in good condition and working order?

  • Is the sort completion notice displayed clear view of PO Box customers?

  • Is the Licensee aware of the PO Box sorting standard?

  • Photo of PO Boxes

  • Comments

LPO in General

  • Is the Licensee aware how to access;

  • Postlink?

  • Outlet Messaging?

  • Online Ordering System?

  • Is Floorplan current?

  • Storage of Documents in accordance with Iron Mountain Instructions

  • Is the Licensee a member of the Licensee Advisory Council (APLAC)?

  • Have the counter scales been calibrated within the last two years?

  • Does the LPO have a Workplace Heath and Safety Policy in place?

  • Review LiPOMS Data Collections Report

  • Review Negotiated Payments

  • Review Counter Delivery Points

  • Review Out of Hours Payment

  • Review Mail Bag/Tray/Tub payment

  • Review Transit Points

  • Review trading hours

  • Comments

Outlet Revenue

  • Does LPO participate in Catalogues Sales?

  • Does LPO use monthly P Catalogues to purchase Retail Products

  • Does LPO participate in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) program? eg confectionery...

  • Does LPO promote MyPost Delivery account and MyPost Concession account?

  • Is LPO aware of Parcel Collect?

  • Discuss Revenue Results

  • Discuss Retail Rewards Program

  • Discuss outstanding Stock account payments (if applicable)

  • Discuss the use of LPO MyBusiness Account

  • Comments

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