1. Please answer "Yes", "No" or "N/A" on the questions below.
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1.01 Are pathways and verandas free from slip / trip hazards

1.02 Is the area around the building clear from rubbish and materials

1.03 Is the lawn and gardens maintained


2.01 Are the indoor areas clean and clear of waste build up, pests and mould

2.02 Are all sharp knives locked away

2.03 Is fridge/freezer clean and clear of spoilt food

2.04 Are hot water urns or kettles situated on a stable surface

2.05 Are lint filters on dryers clean, and regularly checked


3.01 Are all internal/external areas adequately lit and lights working

3.02 Are all light covers free from dust and bugs

3.03 Are individuals satisfied with the air temperature/air quality

3.04 Are portable heaters not located near flammable items


4.01 Are all smoke alarms working (test required)

4.02 Are smoke detectors fitted near bedroom areas and on every level of the premises

4.03 Are there an adequate number of fire extinguishers

4.04 Is there a fire blanket hung in the kitchen

4.05 Have all extinguishers/blankets been tested within 6 months

4.06 Are the locations of fire extinguishers indicated by signage

4.07 Are all emergency exits clear from obstruction

4.08 Is there a designated emergency exit for wheelchairs

4.09 Are building evacuation drills conducted every 6 months

4.10 Are building emergency procedures / floor plans displayed

4.11 Does site have a recent (reviewed in the last year) bush fire survival plan in place –for bush fire prone properties.

4.12 Are there any trees overhanging the roof

4.13 Is the building fitted with a monitored fire alarm system

4.14 Has the building been issued a fire safety certificate in the past year

4.15 Are there non-ambulant people residing in the household?

4.16 If yes, are there equipment aids to assist these people in the event of a fire (drag mats etc)?

4.17 Do the people who reside in the household know what to do in the event of a fire?

4.18 Are the people who


5.01 Are chemicals stored out of reach of clients or locked away

5.02 Are all chemical containers clearly labelled

5.03 Is there a current hazardous substances register and Safety Data Sheets for hazardous substances used on site

5.04 Are gas bottles stored correctly and free from rust or damage

5.05 Is an asbestos register available

5.06 If asbestos is present do labels identify the asbestos areas

5.07 If asbestos is present are the walls/areas not damaged


6.01 Are all light switches and power points in working order with no cracks or faults

6.02 Are there sufficient power point outlets

6.03 Are all walkways free from electrical leads

6.04 Are power points free from overloading i.e. piggybacking of power boards

6.05 Are all leads on the ground tapped down or run behind furniture to avoid a trip hazard

6.06 Have all portable RCD’s been tested and tagged in the last 3 months

6.07 Do power boards have socket covers & trip switches

6.08 Are all other electrical test tags in date, including, bedroom bathroom, kitchen, living areas and portable items


7.01 Are there suitable first aid kits available and accessible

7.02 Are all kits fully stocked, and items in date

7.03 Is a site Register of Injuries in place and up to date


8.01 Are all floors clean and free from rubbish and clutter

8.02 Are all carpeted areas free from rips and worn patches

8.03 Are all floors free from uneven surfaces, with no major cracks or holes present?


9.01 Is machinery guarded against unsupervised use

9.02 Is the LPG cylinder pressure valve pointing away from the premises


10.01 Is garden equipment, fuels, gas bottles and pool chemicals stored safely in a locked & ventilated shed/garage

10.02 Are gas bottles free from rust or damage

10.03 Are all curtain/blind cords either tethered to the wall or raised to a height inaccessible to children

10.07 Are furniture and equipment in good condition and well maintained

10.08 Has defective equipment / furniture been removed from use

10.09 Are air conditioning outlets & filters clean and free from dust

10.10 Is all disability assistance equipment i.e. shower chairs, nonslip mats etc. in good working condition


11.01 Is staff bedroom/office areas lockable, and locks are working

11.02 Are all window/door locks and deadbolts in working order


12.01 Are emergency contact details on display and up to date

12.02 Are high risk hazards marked by appropriate signage

12.03 Are all safety signs clearly visible

13 Other Safety Concerns

13.01 Photographs required in the following areas:

Front of House (taken from curb)
Back yard
Electrical switchboard
Kitchen / Dining / Living Rooms

For all ongoing hazardsthat are not controlled, add to HSE 07 03 007 Site Risk Register

Manager Review
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By signing below you agree that the actionsindicated will be reviewed and implemented to mitigate the identified hazard.
You agree that un-eliminated hazards have been added to the Site Risk Register for regular review.

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.