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  • Supervisor shall audit the packaging area operations daily. Check the "YES" box for a fulfilled specification or check the "NO" box for a non-conforming specification. Immediate corrective actions are to be taken to correct any non-conformance. If the inspection table is down or not in operation at the time of audit, check the N/A box provided

1.0 Safety

  • 1.1 Are the proper PPE devices being used by all? (safety glasses, earplugs, and safety shoes)

  • 1.2. Is the Emergency Spill Kit available at the work center / line / area?

  • 1.3. Are the Equipment Safe-guards in place?

2.0 Docuentation

  • 2.1 Is the Process Approval form completed and posted at the machine?

  • 2.2 Is the Product Approval form completed and posted at the machine?

  • 2.3 Are products identified according to G-109 (Labels and Transportation)?

  • 2.4 Is the Production Order (PO) at the machine?

  • 2.5 Are the SPC characteristics being recorded in Q-DOS

  • 2.6 Are the forklift pre-operational inspection forms completed for the day?

  • 2.7. Is the machine qualification less than 30 days old?

  • 2.8. Is the Part List, Control Plans and Part DWG correct according to the PO?

  • 2.9. Are the Inspection Instructions and CNC Packaging instructions correct according to the Part List?

3.0. Machining

  • 3.1. Are the proper bins located at the machine cell? (Yellow -Rework/Red-Scrap)

  • 3.2. Are the required inspections being performed by the operator according to the required inspection frequencies?

  • 3.3. Are the inspection results being recorded on the inspection sheet?

  • 3.4. Is the process in control?

  • 3.5. Are the measurement devices in good condition?

  • 3.6. Is gage master verification being performed?

  • 3.7. Do Paka-Yoke's function properly?

  • 3.8. Is the operator properly using the Paka-Yoke 's available for the operation?

4.0. Maintenance

  • 4.1. Is preventative maintenance being performed according to the prior weeks schedule?

  • 4.2. Is the machine free of Hydraulic leaks or excessive Grease at equipment?

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