• Are guard rails present at all perimeters/shafts?

  • Contact responsible party immediately. Keep a safe distance from hazard and instruct others to avoid hazard.

  • Are ladders inspected and in good condition?

  • Tag ladder out of service and inform foreman and tool room.

  • Is fall protection equipment inspected and in good condition?

  • If repairable, tag out of service and inform foreman and tool room. If not repairable, destroy so it will not be used and dispose. Inform foreman and tool room.

  • Are PFAS anchor points capable of holding 5000 lbs. per person?

  • Stop personnel immediately. Inform foreman. Coach employees on proper anchor points. Issue infraction(s) if appropriate.

  • Are holes > 2" protected?

  • Inform foreman. Tape area off if appropriate.


  • Is all required PPE available for use?

  • Assist foreman with obtaining proper PPE.

  • Is PPE being worn at all times by employees?

  • Inform foreman and issue WRITTEN infraction.


  • Is temporary power out of the way of our work?

  • Inform foreman and assist with coordination with electrical contractor if requested.

  • Are extension cords elevated to avoid tripping hazards?

  • Inform foreman and consider use of zip ties, J-hooks or other no conductive means to elevate cords.

  • If permanent power is being used, are GFCI pigtails being used?

  • Inform foreman and assist with obtaining GFCI pigtails if necessary.


  • Are auxiliary handles present on tools where they are required?

  • Inform foreman. If handle is not readily available, confiscate tool until handle can be replaced. Assist foreman with obtaining replacement handle if requested.

  • Are pipe vises being used for cutting?

  • Inform foreman. Coach employees to use proper cutting techniques.

  • Are cords on tools original from factory?

  • Inform foreman and tool room. Confiscate tool, tag it out of service and return to tool room for repair.


  • Is the area free of trash & trip hazards?

  • Inform foreman. Assist with clean-up efforts.

  • Are barricades/tape/signs maintained?

  • Inform foreman. Assist with taping and signs.

  • Is there enough light to see clearly?

  • Inform foreman. General Contactor/Electricians are responsible for providing area lighting. We are responsible for task specific lighting.


  • Are carts being used to move materials?

  • Add media

  • Are materials being stored on carts?

  • Is the area free of excess materials?

  • Has rigging been inspected?

  • Inspect rigging.

  • Is material handling equipment such as roustabouts or duct jacks inspected?

  • Use equipment checklists to complete inspections.

  • For Genie duct jacks, are Genie extensions the only ones being used?

  • Inform foreman. Confiscate illegal extensions. Note: Vermette jacks allow use of pipes/units rut.


  • Are flammable materials being stored in a flammable cabinet?

  • Inform foreman. Assist in moving flammables to proper storage.

  • Has welding equipment been inspected?

  • Inform foreman.

  • Is there a fire watch present for hot work activities?

  • Inform foreman. Ensure fire watch is present for hot work.

  • Are fire extinguishers inspected?

  • Inform foreman. Assist with inspecting and/or tagging cylinders.

  • Are gas cylinders secured from falling?

  • Inform foreman. Assist in securing cylinders.


  • Decription:

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  • Where is it located?

  • Description:

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  • Where is it located?

  • Description:

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  • Where is it located?

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