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  • Scenario

Drill evaluation

  • Did the victim scream upon falling?

  • Name of victim:

  • Did a crew point at the victim, screaming “Man over board”, not loosing eye contact and followed the victim as he/she drifted?

  • Name of the crew member:

  • Did a crew launched a life ring in less than 60 seconds after the MOB was signaled?

  • Was the MOB (man overboard) alarm sounded?

  • Name of the officer on watch (OOW):

  • Did the crew recognize the MOB (man overboard) alarm?

  • Was the MOB (man overboard) button pressed on GPS/AIS?

  • Name of the officer on watch (OOW):

  • How long did it take for a tender to leave the boat? - answer in minutes

  • Was the second tender used only to pick up rescue team with stretcher?

  • Did the rescue team donned life jackets?

  • Rescue team members names:

  • Were the 1st aid, towel & water brought?

  • Was the victim assessed? Airways and pulse

  • Was the victim breathing and had a pulse?

  • Was CPR started on the tender?

  • Rescue team members names:

  • Was CPR done correctly: 30 compressions, Airways open & 2 breaths.

  • Name:

  • Did the crew reacted & started to deploy O2 within 2min?

  • Crew Member Name:

  • Was the correct O2 delivery used?

  • Crew Member Name

  • Was there any crew standing around?

  • Crew members names:

  • Comments:


  • Has the drill been logged and recorded?

  • Then PLEASE RECORD IT! :-)

  • Upload the log

  • Signature of Captain/Master

  • Signature of Cruise Director

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