The monthly duress alarm test is to be completed by designated FSSO in order to meet the legislative requirements of Mater Heath Services under the Building Act 1975, Fire and Rescue Services Act 1990 and the Building Fire and Safety Regulation 2008.
FSSO are accountable and responsible for designated area per the work instruction (WI-IID-200009). Audit to be completed and sent to the a Security Manger within designated time periods.

1.0 Previous Audit

1.1 Has the last audit been reviewed and all outstanding actions completed?

2.0 Duress Alarms

L12 Staff Base East

L12 Staff Base Centre

L12 Staff Base West

L11 Staff Base East

L11 Staff Base Centre

L11 Staff Base West

L10 Staff Base East

L10 Staff Base Centre

L10 Staff Base West

L9 Staff Base East

L9 Staff Base Centre

L9 Staff Base West

L8 Staff Base East

L8 Staff Base East

L8 Staff Base East

L7 Reception



L6 NICU Reception

L6 NICU Reception

L6 Staff Base East

L5 - Day Surgery

L6 Staff Base Centre

L6 Staff Base West

L6 Pod 601-602

L6 Pod 604-609

L6 Pod 610-617

L6 Pod 618-625

L6 Pod 625-631

L6 Pod 632-637

L6 Pod 638-639

L6 Pod 640-647

L6 Pod 648-655

L6 Pod 656-663

L6 Pod 664-671

L6 Pod 672-679

L5 Main Reception

L5 Staff Base North PAOU

L5 Staff Base - Birth Suutes

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