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  • Mater Health Services - 4th QTR 2017 External Hydrant Inspection

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2.0 Water Supply Stop Valves & Isolating Valves

  • 2.1 - Are isolating valves, including underground key valves for wear & tear fully functional?

  • 2.2 - Are all above ground valves secured?

4.0 Hydrant valves (above ground)

  • 4.1 - are all hydrant valves accessible?

  • 4.2 - Are blanking caps, where fitted, in good condition?

  • 4.3 - Is check cover plate easy to open?

5.0 All valves

  • 5.1 - Are any valves leaking?

6.0 Cabinets - hydrant and booster

  • 6.1 - Are all cabinets accessible and clear of extraneous materials?

  • 6.2 - Are all cabinets clearly and correctly marked?

  • 6.3 - Are all cabinets in good working order?

7.0 Signage

  • 7.1 - Does hydrant have appropriate signage that is clear? e.g. FH (fire hydrant), HR (hydrant riser), BP/H (booster pump/hydrant).

  • 7.2 - Is standpipe, riser or hydrant cover painted yellow?

8.0 Maintenance Record Tag & Label

  • 8.1 - Is maintenance tag visible in each hydrant clearly showing the last level of inspection and test performed?

5.0 Other notes or issues identified

  • 5.1 - Have you identified any other safety issues during inspection? Please details location and include picture if possible.

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