Previous Inspection

1.1 - Has the last inspection been reviewed and are all outstanding actions completed?

2.0 Evacuation (Staffing - Fire & Evacuation Instruction & Knowledge - Building Fire & Safety Regulations 2008, Part 4)

2.3 - Has evacuation practise been conducted annually?

2.4 - Can the warden/staff identify their role in an emergency situation, locate the wards vest, WIP, and be able to demonstrate evacuation routes to assembly point? Record full name of warden in comments (click on question to enter).

2.5 - Can staff advise where the Emergency Procedures Manual is held? (Document management centre)

3.0 Evacuation Routes (Building Fire & Safety Regulation 2008, Part 2)

3.1 - Are evacuation routes clear of obstructions?

4.0 Equipment Signage / Diagrams (Building Safety Regulation 2008, Part 4)

4.3 - Are the evacuation signs/diagrams securely fastened, in the correct format and orientated for the building?

4.4 - Do the evacuation sign/s contain the required information for the accommodation unit?

5.0 Fire/Smoke Doors (AS1851.17)

5.1 - Are the fire/smoke doors free of damage / uninstructed and undamaged?

5.3 - Do door leaves and frames have correct information tag and signage?

5.4 - Is door functioning correctly with no frictional forces including door closers?

5.6 - Does the door self close by pressing button on magnetic door holders?

5.9 - Do a visual check of the door - are hinges flush, frames and seals intact, overall free of wear and tear?

6.0 - Exit Signs / Emergency Lighting / Power (AS2293.1)

6.1 -Are the exit signs/emergency, clearly visible all directions, undamaged and fully functional?

6.2 - Are exit signs in correct location installed on, above or adjacent to door providing direct egree to required exit?

7.0 Fire Extinguishers (AS1851.1)

7.2 - Is outlet hose and nozzle securely attached, free from obstructions and hose shows no sign of cracking or any other signs of damage or deterioration?

7.3 - Are all fire extinguishers and their attachments free of corrosion, readily accessible, clean, conspicuous and in its assigned location?

7.4 - Are all maintenance record tag/labels clear, up to date and firmly attached to the extinguisher?

7.5 - is anti-tamper device intact?

7.6 - Are all the operating instructions clear and legible?

8.0 Fire Hose Reels (AS1851.9)

8.1 - Are all fire reels, components of fire reel and cabinet we'll maintained, free of corrosion, readily accessible, clear of extraneous materials, and correctly marked?

8.2 - Are all fire hose reels correctly maintained with no kinks, damage or collapse?

8.3 - Are all operating instructions clear and legible?

8.4 - Where a location sign is required (AS2441) is it correctly located and visible?

9.0 Fire Indicator Panel & Emergency Warden Intercom System (AS1851.6 & AS1851.10)

9.1 - Are there any faults on the FIP and EWS panel?
Photograph the display screen showing the faults.

9.2 - Where location sign is required (AS1670) check that it is correctly located and visible?

10.0 - Have you identified any other safety issues during inspection? Please details location and include picture if possible.

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.