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  • Host being audited?


  • Host in complete uniform (pressed), including pearls (females), name tag, hair well groomed, cleanly shaved (males), etc...(5 pts)?<br>

  • Host is wearing radio and has their bank at the front desk? (5 pts)

  • Host used body language that was both warm and inviting? Associate is stationed at an individual terminal and is not gathered with other hosts at the front desk? (5 pts)

  • Host provided a warm smile and welcomed the guest using the 15/5 rule while stopping all side conversations and using the appropriate greeting - "Good afternoon, welcome to the Orlando World Center Marriott, how may I assist you? (5 pts)

  • Once the guest name was established, the host used the guest name two times in conversation? (5pts)

  • The host asked the guest if they have stayed with us before? (5 pts)

  • Did the host welcome the guest back?

  • The front desk host verified the virtual concierge request and it was honored? (5pts)

  • Did the host verify the following guest information:

  • Verified drivers license?

  • Required reservation ID such as AAA?

  • Verified arrival and departure date?

  • Verified and collected method of payment?

Marriott Rewards

  • Verified Marriott Rewards?

  • Did the Host offer to enroll in the program if they were not a member?

  • If the guest is an elite member, did the host used the proper verbiage: "we appreciate your loyalty as a ............. Member?


  • The host confirmed the guests room preference. "We have you confirmed for a non-smoking room with 2 double beds as requested. Is this still your preference? (5pts)

  • Offered the guest an upgrade using the correct verbiage, "We have an upgraded room available... Are you interested?" (10pts)

  • Room was discreetly provided to the guest? (5pts)

  • The host reviewed the resort fee (or world pass) if the account was not flagged "X8"? (5 pts)

  • Host asked the guest if they were self parking or valet parking a vehicle on property? Explained parking rates? (5pts)

  • The host offered e-folio option or confirmed email on file? (5pts)

Closing/ Summary

  • Host thanked the guest for staying at the World Center and offered their name to the guest for further assistance? (5pts)

  • The host made a connection with the guest and overall experience was free of negative detractors? (7pts)

  • The check in did not take more than 7 minutes? (5pts)

  • The host did not leave the guest alone during the check in? (10pts)

  • If you were the guest, what score would you give for "check-in experience" on the GSS survey?

  • We need to recover this guest! Go into recovery mode and see what we can do to ensure complete satisfaction!

  • Still some work to be done.

  • What could they have done to make this brilliant?

  • Excellent!

  • Please explain why?

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