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  • Transmission Services Gas

    UK MDG Transmission Services Gas

    Project Health and Safety Inspection Checklist

  • To be completed by Project Supervisor or Nominated person weekly from the start of construction work on site. Completed forms are to be kept readily available (preferably on site) for the duration of construction works, after which time shall form part of the CDM Health & Safety file.

  • Contract No:

  • Project Title:

  • Week No.

  • Date

Commissioning RE18

  • Any H&S actions identified shall be entered onto Audit/Inspection Action Log and brought to the urgent attention of the appropriate personnel as soon as possible. Contractor/Project Manager to be notified of actions required/taken.

  • S = Satisfactory, U = Unsatisfactory, O = Observation, NA = Not Applicable

  • Has suitable time been allowed to facilitate commissioning checks to be undertaken (min 10 working days prior to commissioning date)

  • Verify that Gas Act (cont 8) has been applied

  • Verify that PSR Regulations 20, 21, 21 have been applied

  • Have notifications / permits for IPC been provided

  • Have all hydrostatic test packs been provided? Do they conform to requirements & have calculations & profiles been included in test packs?

  • Has hydro test summary sheet been provided?

  • Has the compliance certificate for electrical testing been issued

  • What mechanical pre commissioning checks have been undertaken

  • Has pre commissioning of the I&C systems been completed?

  • Are all commissioning controls in place (Procedures / Plan / NRO)

  • Has a satisfactory Geometric pig run been undertaken (pipelines)

  • Is the G17 complete up to Part D or C3

  • Has sufficient information been provided to allow the WSOE to be prepared?

  • Have the drawing Management team accepted the drawings required for commissioning as defined with T/PM/RE/13.

  • Provide evidence that insurance department has been informed for asset values above £5 million

  • Has the outstanding & technical limitations form been completed?

  • Have all HAZID, HAZOP, SIL, DSEAR actions been closed?

  • Evidence that the pipeline scheme has been registered with the Aerial Surveillance Programme?

  • Has the Project Manager authorised Part 1 of the Commissioning Certificate?

  • Are all relevant MDG-TSG-LP-007 documents available on site? Have they been reviewed by the necessary competent personnel?

  • Has a programme of construction audits been carried out by the Quality Adviser and have all pertinent actions been closed out?

  • Can / has part 2 of the commissioning certificate been completed by the Quality Advisor?

Operational Acceptance

  • S = Satisfactory, U = Unsatisfactory, O = Observation, NA = Not Applicable

  • Has Notification been made under Planning Hazardous Substances Regs (installations >15t)?

  • Has Notification been made under COMAH (installations >50t)?

  • Verification that IPPC conditions have been met?

  • Has consent for drainage discharge been received from (EA/SEPA)?

  • Has the Asset database records certificate been completed and returned by Asset Support?

  • Has the as-built drawing acceptance certificate been completed and returned by Asset records?

  • T/PM/G/17 updated to Part E?

  • All commissioning records have been completed? (maybe attached)

  • Confirmation for Network Integrity that the WSOE is in place?

  • The outstanding issues & technical limitations form is completed & attached?

  • Engineering Services Acceptance form has been completed and is attached?

  • All operational mandatory MDG-TSG-LP-007 documents are available and have been reviewed by the relevant competent persons?

  • Has the Project Manager authorised Part 1 of the Operational Acceptance Certificate?

  • Can / has part 1 of the Operational Acceptance certificate been verified by the Quality Advisor?

Asset Acceptance

  • S = Satisfactory, U = Unsatisfactory, O = Observation, NA = Not Applicable

  • Has the notification Permits required by IPPC Regulations and compliance plan been agreed?

  • Are the Pressure Test Results summary sheets available?

  • Is compliance of Electrical equipment and systems in line with BS7671 & BS EN 60079?

  • Have the Mechanical Pre Commissioning checks complete in accordance with the plan?

  • Is the Instrument, control systems & telemetry Pre-commissioning complete?

  • Is the Commissioning procedures, plan and NRO in place?

  • Have satisfactory Geometric Pig Runs been completed (pipelines only)?

  • Is the T/PM/G/17 procedure complete up to part ‘D’?

  • Has information been provide to enable the completion of the Written Scheme of Examination?

  • Has the Drawing Management Team acceptance form been completed for drawings required prior to commissioning (as specified in T/PM/RE/13)?

  • Can it be demonstrated that if new asset value>£5M the Insurance Department have been informed?

  • Has the ‘Outstanding Issues & Technical limitations’ form been completed?

  • Has there been a Close-Out of actions from the Project Risk Assessments? (e.g. HAZID/HAZOP/SIL/DSEAR.)

  • Has the pipeline been registered on the Aerial Surveillance Programme?


  • Auditor's Signature

  • Project Manager's Signature

  • Date

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