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  • Transmission Services Gas

    UK MDG Transmission Services Gas

    Project Health and Safety Inspection Checklist

  • To be completed by Project Supervisor or Nominated person weekly from the start of construction work on site. Completed forms are to be kept readily available (preferably on site) for the duration of construction works, after which time shall form part of the CDM Health & Safety file.

  • Contract No:

  • Project Title:

  • Week No.

  • Date

Fabrication and Lowering In

  • Any H&S actions identified shall be entered onto Audit/Inspection Action Log and brought to the urgent attention of the appropriate personnel as soon as possible. Contractor/Project Manager to be notified of actions required/taken.

  • S = Satisfactory, U = Unsatisfactory, O = Observation, NA = Not Applicable

  • Has a Risk Assessment been carried out?

  • Has a Method Statement been issued for construction?

  • What reference documents are used (BGC/PS/SSW2, TD1, TD9, P2)?

  • Have roles and responsibilities been defined?

  • Have operators been trained and received Tool Box Talks?

  • How are the number of weld tie-ins reduced (temporary bridging)?

  • What inspection must be carried out prior to lowering in a section?

  • Has the contractor given 24 hours notice to the employer of lowering in?

  • Who records that the trench is free of water and the correct depth prior to lowering in?

  • How are pipes lifted / lowered to prevent damage (Roller cradles or wide belt canvas slings)?

  • Who checks lifting equipment capacity, maintenance and certification?

  • How are pipes cut (rotary flame profile cutter)?

  • How is traceability on cut pipes maintained?

  • What NDT is carried out on cut pipes (Ultrasonic lamination test)?

  • What is the minimum pup length (P2 section 4, proximity of welds)?

  • What spacing are side booms positioned at?

  • Has holiday detection been done on pipe skid areas?

  • Have open pipes had end caps fitted?

  • What areas of dewatering are necessary?

  • How has locations of well point filters been determined?

  • How is the discharge from pumps monitored to ensure compliance with E.A. requirements?

  • What provisions have been made for lowering concrete coated pipe?

  • Who is responsible for weld tie-ins?

  • Have pipe end profiles been machined in accordance with the approved weld procedure?

  • What NDT is carried out on weld tie-ins?

  • Has a hydrotest been carried out?

  • How are final tie-ins carried out (thermal cutting out of temporary test ends)?

  • Have weld procedures been issued for all tie-ins?

  • What NDT is carried out on untested welds?

  • What records are raised for these processes?


  • Auditor's Signature

  • Project Manager's Signature

  • Date

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