Safety Program Administration

Is an Additional Duty Safety Officer or Collateral Duty Safety Officer appointed on orders?

Is a safety binder maintained IAW MEDDAC-AK 385-10-1?

Do the staff know where to locate the safety Binder?

Is the Commanders Safety Policy posted?

Is the section using FM 5-19 and DD 2977 to identify hazards and reduce risk?

Is a current DD 2272 posted?

Is a current OSHA poster posted?

Is the department safety SOP current? Must contain department specific actions for personnel in the event of a fire. Must be reviewed each year.

Is the ADSO or CDSO conducting monthly inspections? Must have 12 months of inspection checklists in the safety binder.

Is the SDS binder current? Must have a memo of review every twelve months.

Does the SDS binder and inventory match?

Army Safety and Health Management Systems

Can the staff explain the 4 Elements and 29 Sub elements of ASHMS?

Can the staff articulate the Commanders Safety Policy?

Can the staff articulate the Commander's Safety Awards policy?

Can the staff explain the Safety Management Plan and the goals?

Can the staff explain the process for reporting accidents or hazards?

Are the staff participating in providing monthly safety training?

Can the staff articulate their OSHA Rights?

Can the staff articulate 3 things that they do to participate in Occupational Safety?

Do the staff receive section safety training prior to performing duties?

Have the staff been provided a copy of the section Base Line Hazard Analysis?

Have the staff been provided a copy of the section Job Safety Analysis?


Have the staff completed all required online safety training? Is this documented? Risk Management, employee safety course, supervisors safety course. SSC is for E-5 and above and all supervisors.

Does the staff receive monthly safety training? Is this documented?

Have military staff members 26 and under first duty station completed the National Safety Center online driving course? Documentation?

Is HAZCOM training being conducted annually? Is this documented?

Fire Safety

Are daily inspections of the section being conducted by the NCOIC or ADSO? Documentation.

Can the staff explain the features of the building? E.G. How does the building protect from the spread of smoke and fire?

Are all fire doors, corridors, and exit kept clear and well illuminated?

Do exit doors open in the direction of travel, and have panic hardware installed?

Are all self closing doors operational? Door wedges are prohibited. Doors must completely latch.

Can the staff demonstrate knowledge of the nearest fire extinguisher?

Is the department participating in fire drills? Must have documentation of at least one drill per shift per quarter for a 12 month period.

Is there documentation to prove each staff member has participated in at least one fire drill annually?

Where are the fire pull stations? Can the staff explained the location of them?

Are the fire extinguishers being inspected monthly by the ADSO or CDSO? Month day year format.

Can the staff explain the use of the fire extinguisher? PASS

Are decorations compliant with MEDDAC- AK 450-4? 10% maximum covering of non fire rated interior furnishings, all decorations must have approval letter from Safety Manager and Chief of Facilities Management.

Are doors that may be mistaken for an exit marked NOT AN EXIT?

Are any personal appliances in use? MEDDAC 450-4 The use of personal appliances is not authorized in any USA MEDDAC-AK facility e.g.. refrigerators, coffee makers, and microwaves

Are all exit signs properly illuminated and tested for power failure? Battery operated backup must be tested for 30 seconds each month.

Is all storage at least 18 inches below the lowest point of sprinkler heads?

Are portable space heaters in use?

Are there storage rooms that are not 1 hrs fire rated with a 45 min fire door?

Are flammables properly stored?

Personal Protection

Are eye wash stations adequate for the work being performed?

Are eye was stations inspected weekly by the ADSO or CDSO? Can the process be explained?

Do the staff use PPE? Is it in good repair? Can the staff explain how to use the PPE?

Compressed Gasses

Are compressed gasses properly stored, separated, and tagged?


Is there any use of flexible cords, extension cords, or daisy chaining?

Are GFCI outlets in areas required by NFPA 70E?

Are GFCI outlets being tested monthly? Documentation

General Condition

Other observations that need to be noted?

Are there more than three non toxic plants displayed? Max size 20 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter.

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.