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Tree Maintenance Level of Service

  • What is the primary trees species?

  • What is the primary age character of the trees?

  • Have the trees been pruned to achieve clearance requirements?

  • Have pruning cuts been undertaken correctly?

  • Have all suckers, water shoots and parasitic growth been removed?

  • Has pruning been undertaken to promote a single leader where appropriate?

  • Has all dead wood, diseased, hanging, crossing and cracked branches been removed?

  • Has all debris from the maintenance work been removed?

  • Is the surrounding area and any furniture or other structures free of damage from the maintenance works?

Tree Stump Removal

  • Was tree stump removal undertaken at the site

  • Has the stump been ground to the required depth (100mm below ground level)?

  • Has the ground been reinstated correctly?

  • Has all saw dust and chips been removed and the site left clean and tidy?

Health & Safety

  • Are there maintenance staff working on site at the time of audit?

  • Are all staff wearing high visibility clothing?

  • Are all staff using personal protective equipment appropriate for the task being undertaken?

  • Are all tasks being undertaken in a safe manner so as to not create a hazard to members of the public

  • Is work being undertaken on or adjacent to a roadway?

  • When working in or adjacent to a roadway is the Contractor providing adequate traffic control and safety measures which ensures the safety of road users, other members of the public and any person engaged by the Contractor?



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