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  • Audit number

  • Site

  • Conducted on

  • Audited By

  • What is primary tree species on site?

  • What is the primary age character of the trees?


  • Are there clearance requirements on this site?

  • Are the trees at a minimum of 4.3m over any roadways, laneways and any other vehicle thoroughfares, bus stops, unloading bays and truck/trailer parking bays?

  • Are the trees at a minimum of 3.0m over bicycle paths, driveway crossovers and car park spaces?

  • Are the trees at a minimum of 2.5m over footpaths and or park furniture?

  • Are the trees at a minimum of 3.0m over playgrounds?

  • Are trees pruned back as far as reasonably practicable over private property without compromising the tree asset?

  • Are traffic lights and street lights clear from obstruction?

  • Is there adequate clearance of all Council buildings, park structures and fencing to prevent vegetation from scraping?

  • Are there any power lines clearance requirements for this site?

  • Are the trees at a minimum distance of 1-1.5m from low voltage powerlines?

  • Are the trees at a minimum of 1.5-2m from high voltage powerlines?


  • Have all pruning cuts been performed with best Arboriculture standard?

  • Have all suckers, water shoots and parasitic growth been removed?

  • Have all dead wood, crossed, cracked and diseased branches been removed from the tree?

  • Has all debris from the maintenance works been removed from site?

Stump Removal

  • Was tree stump removal undertaken at the site?

  • Has the stump (including all lateral roots) been ground down to the required depth of 100mm below ground level?

  • Has the area been top-dressed with soil and seed at the completion of the grind?

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