Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Health and Safety Reference File

  • PPE Policy

  • Accident and Incident Policy

  • Inclement Weather Policy

  • First Aid Policy

  • Infection Control Document

  • Lone Worker Policy

  • Electrical Safety

  • Working at Heights

  • Provision of Work Equipment

  • CoSHH Policy

  • Fire Safety Policy

  • Asbestos Policy (if present on site)

  • Water Hygiene Policy

  • Welfare Policy

  • Permit to Work Policy

  • Data Retention Document

  • PAT Register

Health and Safety Check File

  • Monthly Health and Safety Checks

  • Lift Alarm tests

  • Ladder Register/Log

  • Ladder Inspections

  • Vehicle Check List

  • Petrol Running Log

  • Water Temp Testing and Thermometer Calibration

  • Weekly Water Flushing Log

Visitor Register

  • Safety Information Sheet

  • Visitor Sign in/out

  • Hot Works- Work Permit Copies

Key Register

  • Key Holding Policy

  • Key Sign in/out

  • Key Register

Key Authorisation

  • Key authorisation Forms

Delivery Register

  • Delivery Policy

  • Key Sign in/out Forms

Handover Log

  • Daily Log

  • Handover Form

  • Weekly Report to Head Office

  • Incident Report

Operations File

  • Lost Property Log

  • Site Equipment Operating Instructions

Defect Log

  • Defects Log

Contractor File

  • Contractor Permits

  • Contractor Job Sheets

Emergency Procedures

  • Emergency Response Plan

  • Site Specific Emergency Procedures

CoSHH and RAMs

  • RAMs - New and up to date

  • RAM sign off for all staff

  • CoSHH data Sheets and Assessments

  • CoSHH sign off for all staff

Display and Admin Related

  • Fire Log Book

  • Colour Coding Poster on Display

  • Quality Policy on display

  • Environmental Policy on display

  • Health and Safety Policy Statement on display

  • Fire Evacuation Instruction Displayed

  • First Aid and Accident Info Displayed

  • Response to media enquirers

  • H&S Regulations Poster

  • Company Liability Poster

  • Toolbox Talks for all Staff up to date

  • Uniform, Name badge and PPE available for all Staff

  • Lone Worker Alarm for all staff

  • Sharps Bin

  • Spillage Kit

  • Trip Hazard/Wet Floor Signs

  • First Aid Kit Complete and in date

  • Contractor attendance sheet in place

  • Cleaning Schedule Displayed

  • Cleaning Stock stored Correctly

  • Site Notebook

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