Any High Risk Works?

Likely to disturb Asbestos?

Is there an Asbestos Management Plan in Place?

Has Asbestos been disturbed , Did they follow correct protocol?


Is there demolition works of load-bearing structures?

Is there Installation of temporary load-bearing support structures?

Work at Heights?

Are there any fall risks? (including voids, penetrations)

Lack of, unsafe or incomplete edge protection?

Work in or near shaft or trench with excavated depth greater than 1.5 metres?

Work on or near energized electrical installations or services

Work in confined spaces?

Work on or near refrigerant lines?

Movement of Mobile Plant

Daily Pre-start check sheets been provided for plant including all subcontractor provided and hired plant?

Have all items of plant had a plant risk assessments?

Are all plant/equipment fit for purpose, have compliance plates, registered, audible alarms, flashing lights & are used within manufacturer's requirements? Tag out non complying plant/equipment & remove from site.

Are rotating or moving parts of equipment guarded to prevent contact by employees?

All plant operators onsite licensed, competent and fit for work?

Is there lack of safe work instructions in relation to onsite mobile plant?

Is the daily inspection taking place prior to use?

Electrical Safety

Are temporary board(s) numbered and identified (ie where the board is fed from)?

Are power cords protected in traffic ways?

Electrical equipment have been tagged and tested (not expired)?

Are extension cords free of nicks, gouges or cuts?

Are tools inspected for frayed and damaged cords?

Are there portable RCD's for power tools, etc?

Are there overload switches on the portable RCD's?

Are there signs of overloading of power boards, power points?

Lockout / tagout devices available and used on circuits that could be come energized?

Plant and Equipment

Are plant and equipment inspected and maintained prior to use?

Are guards in place on plant and equipment and in good condition?

Lifting of Materials (Crane, Forklift)

Have the operators had the appropriate training?

Are the rate capacity/safe working loads clearly marked

Is the lifting equipment been positioned on solid level ground

Is the lifting equipment been inspected daily before use?

Are the lifting operations at a safe clearance from overhead services?

45. Are all lifting chains on site certified and tagged with SWL listed on the register? Tag out non complying chains and remove from use. Lifting equipment inspected & tagged in past 6 moths?

Lifting of Materials (Manual Handling)

Are all Employees following the correct manual handling procedures?

Are the team lifts occurring when materials exceed 20 kg per person?


Underground / Overhead services clearly identified and present prior to work starting?

Is perimeter fall protection installed?

Are floor openings planked, secured or barricaded and then Identified?

Are stairs with four or more risers equipped with standard hand rail protection?


Site-Specific Environmental Management Plan is in place?

Is the Environmental Monitoring and Actions Table continually monitored and updated as required?

Are there any special Environmental / Cultural Heritage considerations for this project?

Have site personnel been made aware of environmental restricted areas and controls?

Have appropriate material / waste / spoil stockpiles / disposal bins been identified, present & risk assessed?

Evidence of unreported incidents - environmental (spills, emissions, noise, impact on native vegetation or wildlife habitat), property damage or personnel injury?

Where dust is present, are appropriate control measures in place (ie water cart/dust barriers)?

Chemicals (Hazardous/Dangerous Substances)

Is there access to MSDS for all chemical products used?

Are chemical containers clearly labelled?

Are flammable substances stored in small quantities cabinet?

Is there adequate ventilation of work area?

Is there a Hazardous Substance register?

Have risk assessments been completed for hazardous substances?

Are employees made knowledgeable of the hazards when working with Hazardous Substances?

Are there emergency spill kits available?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Are hard hats being worn?

Are all employees and visitors are wearing Hi-Viz vests or jackets?

Are proper toe protected boots utilized for foot protection?

Is eye protection being used when conditions require them?

Is respiratory protection being used when conditions require them?

Is hearing protection being used by employees when exposed to noisy conditions?

Are employees using proper hand protection when conditions require them?


Is erection, movement and dismantling properly supervised by a licensed person?

Is scaffold erected on a firm and substantial surface (concrete, base plate, mud sill)?

Are scaffolds equipped with toe-board wherever there is a possibility that falling material could cause a hazard?

Is there any unsafe or incomplete scaffold?

Has the inspection protocol for the scaffold been signed off?

Is there safe access to and from the scaffold?

Mobile Scaffold

Has the mobile scaffold been erected with all fall prevention controls in place (e.g handrail, mid-rail)

Are mobile scaffolds equipped with locking wheels?

Are wheels locked when scaffold is in use?

Are ladders provided for access to scaffold work platform?


Are ladders compliant with Australian Standards and are they industrial ladders?

Is the proper ladder being used for the task? (e.g. platform for working off, straight ladders for access only)

Are ladder properly secured to prevent slipping, sliding or falling?

Are ladder rungs in good condition, none missing or broken?

Site Documentation

Has there been any Notifiable Incidents on Site?

Have the Notifiable Incidents been reported to all relevant stakeholders?

Is the current version of the Safety Management Plan on site?

Have site specific Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) been developed for all tasks performed by Subcontractors on site?

Have all employees and (Sub)contractor personnel on site completed MBS Site-Specific Inductions?

Are emergency contact numbers available to personnel on site?

Site safety inspections are occurring as scheduled?

Toolbox for the site are occurring as schedule - subcontractors are attending addressed items?

Safety issues raised at toolbox meetings have been noted and addressed?

Traffic Management Plan is in place & has been reviewed & updated as required. (ie. Restricted Access, exclusion zones, traffic control) Check plans, diary for entries to ensure personnel working in the vicinity of mobile plant & public vehicles are safe?

Emergency Response Plan in place and understood, have Emergency Assembly Areas been identified?

NCR or corrective actions from prior internal or external audits have been addressed?

First Aid Facilities and Fire Prevention

Is there a first aid kit / cabinet available and accessible?

Are employees aware of the location of the first aid kit?

Are there adequate stocks available?

Is there a list of first aides and emergency contact numbers displayed?

Is there sun cream available for all employees and sub contractors?

Are first aid records being kept?

Are there Fire extinguishers on site, well signed and been serviced in the last 6 months? (include plant extinguishers)

Are extinguishers readily accessible?

Site and Facilities

Site signage appropriate - visible, accurate?

Are all perimeter fences / hoardings adequate and maintained?

Are the public protected from accessing the site?

Site access/egress established, clearly signposted and safe?

Are pedestrian and vehicle access/egress clearly defined?

Is there a site Attendance Register available for all inducted personal and visitors?

Is general neatness of working areas aceptable?

Are passageways and walkways clear and free of debris?

Is lighting in all areas adequate for work task?

Is there regular removal of waste and trash from the containers?

Is temporary storage of materials and supplies done in a organized fashion?

Site facilities appropriate - fresh drinking water, toilets, lunch shed / room?

Are MBS policies, committee meeting minutes, emergency evacuation, etc notices are posted in sheds?

Site been assessed for potential or likely exposure to infectious substances (needle sticks)?

Site Emergency Plan

Is there a Site-Specific Emergency Plan?

Does it outline the Emergency Control Procedures?

Does it highlight an Evacuation Meeting Point?

Opportunity for Improvement

Corrective Action

Auditors Sign Off
Site Managers Sign Off
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.