• Catheter Inpsection

  • Visit Number

  • Room Number

  • Conducted on

  • Select date


  • Checklist completed

  • Department


  • Urinary Retention or Bladder outlet obstruction

  • Accurate urine output measurements in the critically ill patient

  • Selected surgical procedures

  • Enter Procedure Type:

  • Patient requires prolonged immobilization<br>

  • Assist in healing of open sacral wounds in the incontinent patient<br>

  • Improve comfort at end of life<br>

  • Catheter to discontinue order<br>

Insertion Best Practices

  • How full is bag?

  • Orange sticker

  • Date on Sticker

  • Initials on the sticker

  • Securement (Statlock)

  • Tamper Evident Seal (TES) Intact

  • No Dependent Loops

  • Tubbing and bag below bladder

  • Bag NOT touching the floor


  • Staff Signature

  • Auditor Signature

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