Module 3 Signoff Interview

Reports needed for interview:
Please ensure the candidate has brought all the following with them
1. P&L
2. KPI’s
3. Quarterly Planner
4. Business Review
5. Blue Bag
6. AM Standards Check
7. Retail Audit
8. CQSMA Summary

Introduction: “My name is ………….. etc. This interview will last approximately 1 hour and is an opportunity to talk to you in a bit more detail about what you have achieved and what your motivations are for wanting to further your career with JD Wetherspoon. If you have any questions then please ask at any time, otherwise there will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview. Hopefully you have brought the reports above along , you can reference them in the interview. It is assumed that as you are sat here now, that you have completed all block weeks and projects as required and this is the last sign off required.”

About You

Please tell me about your current role as a Shift Manager? I.E. Likes, dislikes, length of time at current pub, your extra responsibilities, three key achievements with JDW

Have you completed an internal relief?
Where, when and how long for?

Have you completed an external relief?
Where, when and how long for?

Do you have a personal license?

How is your pub currently performing and how do you feel your contribute to these results?
(are they hitting targets, if not why?)

Current Sales

Bar & Food Split

This years budgetted profit target....Will you hit it?

CQSMA average (including last BoH)

Quarterly Area Managers Standards Check

If you were the pub manager what would you focus on to grow sales?

What is your FHR? If below 5, ask how they plan to improve for their next visit?

What is your trip advisor rating?

What involvement do you have with social media at the pub?

What are you doing to improve the CQSMA scores in your pub?

How many complaints were received last month? What have you done to resolve these?

Who do you feel is the biggest competition your local area & what does the last pricing survey tell you?

What is the current marketing brief and how are you implementing this?

When did you last work a kitchen shift? Please tell me about your kitchen experience?

What is the pubs current food delivery time? (Break this down into prep and wait times. How would you look to improve this if required)

Are you able to run reports relating to the kitchen? Where would you find these reports?

Do you know how to run a defrost calculator, and how do you check that this is done accurately?


Please tell me about the team in your current pub? i.e. team size, total managers, shifts leaders, bar and kitchen associates.

Can you explain the bonus scheme for associates and managers?

What is the current recruitment process at the pub? How many interviews have you completed?

What training do your new starters have and what involvement do you have in this? How do you implement e-learning in your pub?

How far in advance should your rota be completed for the team?

How do you motivate your team on a day to day basis i.e. what sort of communications take place, etc.

Describe an occasion when you encountered difficulties within a team you were managing?

What are the stability and turnover rates like at your pub? How do feel this can be improved?

How do you deal with absence issues in your pub, and what is the procedure? What involvement have you personally had with this?

Explain the difference between the conduct, capability and attendance policy?

What involvement do you have within your pub for disciplinary’s/Investigations?


Could you please talk me through your current stock achievements?






How is your pub performing on the KPI’s? How do you plan to improve these?

Can you read the quarterly planner? What were the LFL sales and hours % for last week?

How are your machine sales in the pub? How can these be improved?

Have you attended a business review? What did you learn?

Have you prepared a business plan before?

How would you prepare one for applying for your own pub?

Review of the P&L

What are your current sales in the pub? (food/bar split)

What are your LFL sales in the pub? (food/bar split)

What are your YTD sales in the pub compared to budget? (food/bar split)

Have you achieved your GP budget?

Is it better to have achieved your budgeted GP% or beaten the cash GP budget? Why?

How can you improve your GP?

Did your pub achieve its CW% budget last month?

What is more important, achieving your hour’s parameters or coming in on your CW%?

What was your non-con spending last month?

Did you achieve budget?

If not, why not?

How can you reduce your energy consumption?

What was your % of sales spent on repairs last period?

Did you achieve your budget?

What is the LFL spend on repairs YTD?

What is the difference between repair spend and capital?

How much cash did your pub make last period?

What is your prediction for total profit for the year based on this P&L?

What does MAT mean, and how is worked out?

What was the best year for profit for your pub? Why do you think this was the case?

What is the ROGI for the pub?

What does this mean?

Is aware of key strengths. Good interview style, had impact an personality
Is aware of current pubs performance.
Is realistic about their future career with JDW and own development needs
Good examples of motivating a team. Demonstrates a good understanding of Personnel Management. Good example of dealing correctly with a sickness or lateness issue
Can talk confidently about stocks and related issues
Is realistic and positive about CQSMA’s/standards within the pub
Has a good knowledge of the pub P&L & Cash control issues
Aware of competition in relation to own pub. Can suggest marketing ideas to grow sales
Good in-depth Kitchen knowledge. Works regular kitchen shifts

Positive Feedback

Constructive Criticism

Outcome - Signed Off Mod 3

PDP Review Date if not signed off

Area Manager
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.