Store standards

  • Correct POS in Windows, no clutter on show

  • Are the windows Clean inside and out, free of tape glue ect

  • Is the store A board out and in good condition?

  • Is the front of the store free of rubbish, weeds ect

  • Are the opening hours displayed clearly and correct ?

  • Is all exterior lighting and signage in good condition and clean ?

  • Are all internal lights working and on ?

  • Is the shop floor clean and tidy, no full bins ect

  • Are leaflets available and internal POS correct and the right campaign?

  • Is all IT equipment working and any issues logged with IT?

  • Is the customer computer switched on and available for customers?

  • Are all desks clear and no personal information on show?

  • Is the music store appropriate and at a suitable volume?

  • Are the staff areas clean and tidy, no cups in the sink, no cardboard tubes in the toilet?


  • All personal customer information stored securely

  • Does petty cash balance correctly?

  • Does cash sheet reflect cash in store?

Customer service

  • Does the store feel welcoming and friendly

  • Are customers greeted in a warm and friendly manner?

  • Have customers been advised of any potential wait?

  • Is the seating area comfortable and inviting?

  • Has fiver for a friend been explained, along with the benefits

  • Have any customer complaints been delt with as per complaints procedure?


  • Store 121's up to date, signed any action plans or pips updated?

  • All staff have instore training/plans file to include MAT training, are team aware of recent topics?

  • Have any errors on the monthly feedback report been corrected and feedback given?

  • Have any return to work forms been completed and scanned to HR?

  • Are REACTS being completed inline with company expectations ( 2 per advisor per month)

  • Are file audits complete 2 per advisor per month and used as part of 121's?

KPI and budget

  • Does the store have the KPI's displayed in staff areas and are they up to date ?

  • Is the branch arrears plan up to date, displayed and the staff aware

  • Are the store team aware of weekly/monthly budgets ?

  • Are the team aware of savings budget weekly/monthly?

  • Are all logs filled in, arrears, holiday ect

  • Does the store team know how many new customers they need to hit weekly/monthly?

  • Are the team aware of the branch arrears values and % for branch as well as up coming actions ?

  • Reviewer sign

  • BTL sign

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