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General Site Assessment

General Site Assessment

  • Is the site housekeeping satisfactory?

  • Is vehicle and pedestrian traffic controlled appropriately?

  • Is there evidence of visitor and subcontractor induction and supervision?

  • Is there a site specific safety plan in place (Main Contractor)?

  • Do all subcontractors have a hazard register?

  • Has Notifiable work been notified to WorkSafe?

  • Have subcontractors notified WorkSafe of notifiable work?

  • Are there regular site safety meetings?

  • Is there a system in place for employee participation in safety issues eg toolbox talks?

  • Has a site evacuation plan been implemented?

  • Are regular safety inspections being carried out and documented?

  • Do all workers on site have a current Site Safe Passport? (or similar/equivalent)

  • Are there arrangements to deal with visitors to site? (visitors register and instructions).

  • Is there adequate site signage?


  • Is there evidence that all hazards have been identified?

  • Is there evidence that significant hazards have been controlled?

Accident/Incident Reporting

  • Is there an accident register? (view it)

  • Are there appropriate forms available for reporting incidents and injuries?

  • Is there a procedure to report Notifiable Events to the main PCBU and to WorkSafe?


  • Toilet areas clean and tidy?

  • First aid kits in place and well stocked? (Site Supervisor and Subcontractors)

  • Fire extinguishers charged and current? (Serviced 12 monthly) (Site Supervisor and Subcontractors)

General Safety and Housekeeping

  • Work areas clean and tidy?

  • Access ways clear? (including stairways)

  • Materials stacked safely?

  • All vertical reinforcing steel bars capped?

  • Nails in timber made safe?

  • Slips and trips controlled?

  • Adequate lighting?

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • Hard hats worn?

  • Safety glasses/goggles worn?

  • Respirators or masks worn?

  • Hearing protection worn?

  • Protective clothing worn?

  • Adequate safety footwear worn?


  • Hazardous substance identified? (lead, asbestos)

  • SDS available from supplier?

  • Air monitored in confined spaces?

  • Confined space management plan?

Working at Heights - General

  • Are fall hazards controlled?

  • Guardrails/toeboards in place where required?

Ladders - Standard Ladders

  • Suitable for the job?

  • Set up on firm level ground?

  • Ladder secured? (base and/or top)

  • At correct angle - 4 up to 1 out?

  • Are ladders in good condition?

  • Operator not working higher than third step down?

Ladders - Step Ladders

  • Suitable for the job?

  • Step ladder lock bars in place?

  • Set up on firm level ground?

  • Are ladders in good condition?

  • Operator not working higher than third step down?

Scaffold - Standing Scaffold

  • Suitable for the job?

  • Erected by certified scaffolder?

  • Scaf-tag/acu-log scaffold register up to date?

  • Access to scaffold?

  • Ladders on scaffold suitable - 4 up to 1 out, secured, 1m past step off? (or suitable hand holds)

  • Guardrails between 0.9 and 1.1m?

  • Intermediate rail in place?

  • Platforms adequate 3 planks minimum. Butted and secured?

  • Debris netting in place?

  • Toeborad in place and 225mm high min?

  • Adequate base plates and sole plates?


  • Guarded gears, chain drives and shafts?

  • Guards secured and in good order?

  • Bench saw - riving knife and hood guard?

  • Guards maintained on power saws?

  • Guards maintained on grinders?

  • Guards maintained on nail guns?

  • Compressed air - matched and secured connections?

Power-Actuated Tools

  • Operator certified?

  • Tool has 6 monthly certificate?

  • Tool and cartridges secured when not in use?

  • 3 Second verbal warning given?

  • Hearing and eye protection worn?


  • Leads tagged 3 monthly?

  • Electrical tools tagged 3 monthly?

  • Leads protected in traffic areas?

  • Leads clear of water?

  • 4m clearance to overhead power lines?

Environmental Issues

  • Is there a silt control plan in place?

  • Is dust controlled?

  • Is construction waste being controlled?

  • Is construction noise being controlled?

Emergency Readiness

  • Are there plans in place for likely emergencies?

  • Is there any evidence of practice drills?

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