1801 Hickory(Hardwick bldg)


1. End of hallway

2. Opposite end of hallway

1401 Ambler(Ambler Plaza)

Dr Wheat back hallway

Dr Wheat reception area

Dr Akor area by back door

Cooks Children area

Plum St warehouse


To enter: 3168-1
To exit: 3168-2

Main entrance

South east warehouse entrance

NE corner

HMS storeroom ( need drill)

NW corner

Pine St Warehouse

Main entrance

Entrance to warehouse

Office in warehouse (Jerry')

Warehouse desk

Warehouse row11

SE corner of warehouse

SW corner of warehouse

Behind door to east storeroom

Entrance to basement

By maintenance storage basement

West end of medical records

Middle of medical records

By freight elevator

Information Systems


Main Hallway


Exit south door by bullpen

By north exit door

Computer room exit

Across room from exit

Fiesta Bldg (Medical Missions)

South exit door

Center hallway

North end of hallway

Pulmonary Rehab Center of room on column

Texas Tech nursing school

Blood Bank Busses

Blood Bank Bus 1

Blood Bank Bus 2

Cedar Mall
1St Floor

Left of front entrance

Outreach supervisor's office

Back hallway across from HRL supervisor

Back room by lockers

Meek Blood Bank draw room

Pathology kitchen

By west entrance

Histology Lab by entrance

Histology Lab supervisor office

Histology Lab right wall

2nd Floor

By elevator and Diagnostic lab

Hallway by X-ray

In suite 205 by receptionist

3rd Floor

Hallway to right

Hallway to left

Back hallway across from Dr Brown's office

4th Floor

North hallway

Dr Carlson's office on back wall in reception area

Cardiac Rehab area across from nutrition room

Elevator penthouse

Top of East elevator car( Need Otis 's help)

Top of west elevator car(need Otis's help)

Abilene Children's Medical Association

By room T2

By back medical records

Business Services

Across from front door

Break room

File room

Back hallway

Hickory Plaza (Vera West)
1st Floor

Suite 101

Suite 103

Across from suite 103

Suite 103A

Outside Suite 105

Suite 105

Pediatrics Suite back entry

Pediatrics Back Hallway

Pediatrics front hall by reception

North entry

Suite 100 X-ray

Elevator room by suite 100

2nd Floor

Suite 201 Mammogram area back corner

Suite 201 Mammogram area middle hallway by reading room

Suite 203 back exit

Back hallway across from Dr Koduru's office

Back hallway across from Exam room #3

Dr Kapu's area by patient restroom

Dr Mayberry area at front corner

The Shop

Bay 1 straight thru front door

Bay 1 first room back door

Bay 1 by tool bench

Bay 2 SE corner

Bay 2 end of work bench

Bay 2 NW between the bay doors

Solid surface room

Paint room

Welding shop

Bay 3 SW corner

Bay 3 NE corner

Fuel trailer (2)

Outside shed

Dawson bldg

Main hallway by reception

Main hallway by reception

Halla bldg (1927 Pine)

Front entrance

Back room through hall

Check smoke detector batteries

Heli Pad and Fuel Tank

Opposite ends of fuel tank (2)

SW corner

NW corner

NE corner

Cardiology Consultants

By patient checkout East Hall

By patient checkout West Hall

Outside Insurance department

Inside Insurance department

NW back entrance

Middle back hallway

SW back exit

South side exit

Holster Scanning (Testing Area)

Nuclear Med (testing area)

Hendrick Imaging Center

Hallway-MRI Zone 3

Hallway Reception Area

School of Nursing

1st Floor

By classroom B ( water fountain)

Room 124 kitchen

Room 102 office hallway

Hallway by elevator

Elevator room 120

In mechanical room behind Patty Hanks

In mechanical room outside of Patty Hanks

2nd Floor

Back hallway by room 214

By room 236

Pine Square

1st Floor

Back entrance NE exit door

Dr Hamilton's nurse station by Exam room #3

North exit door

South exit door Dr Shudde

Elevator room

2nd Floor

Dr Kendrick office across in hall

Dr Kendrick office staff lounge

Dr Wong south stairwell door

Dr Wong nurse reception

Dr Wong exam room #4

Dr Merriweather across from office

1742 Hickory (Diabetes Education)

Security Alarm

Break room

Across from front door

Professional Center

4th Floor

By stairs

Roof mechanical room

Across from elevator

Room 4A

By room 4C

3rd Floor

Under construction will add when done

2nd Floor

East stairs

Dr procedure room

Dr exit to waiting room

1st Floor

Across from elevator

By back of Dr Green's office

Kitchen private

Dr Kalla office

1A break room

Mechanical room across from 1A

Private room west end of hall


Elevator room

Across from Dr Miller's office

1933 Pine st (Pine Street Center)

Dr Fuller(suite B) back nurse reception

Dr Fuller(suite B) back corner in hall

Suite A kitchen

Home Health (Housecalls)

Main entrance

Back exit

Hendrick Medical Supply

By garage door

North wall center

NE corner

Next to cold storage

Next to double doors

Break room

Front of store

Employee only room

Business office

League House

1st Floor

Hallway in back

Hallway in middle

Elevator equipment room

2nd Floor

Front hallway

Back hallway

Texas Midwest Eye Clinic

Dr Isbrand next to business office

Dr Richert next to business office

Dr Carter next to business office

End of hall next to Optical


South wall next room 125

Free weights room next to room 114

North mechanical room outside

Bicycle storage room

South wall east of entrance


Corner bldg reception area

Corner bldg kitchen area

Center bldg living room (1)

Center bldg living room(2)

South bldg living room

Hendrick Center for Rehabilitation (HCR)

1st Floor

across from room1007

In room 1013

By room 1053

In room 1018

In mechanical room 1026

Across from room 1028

In room 1030

Barn Security 4849 off

In barn by front door

In barn on east wall

In barn on north wall

In room 1050 on column

In Dr Endsley's hallway

By room 1051

By room 1050G

2nd Floor

By room 2302

By room 2041

In room 2045H

By room 2060

By northwest elevator

In room 2069(equipment room)

Across from room 2071

In room 2063(in back room)

In room 2055 (equipment room)

Across from room 2028

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