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    C.D.O needs to wash hands or use hand Sanitizer before entering and leaving the educators home.

  • What needs to be rectified from last Monthly visit?

Emergency / Fire safety Checklist

  • Mobile phone or Home phone is available?

  • Fire extinguisher, fire blanket displayed and easy reach of the educator, but out of the reach of the children ?

  • Smoke alarm installed and tested regularly?

  • Fire evacuation procedure displayed and so everyone can see ?

  • Are Exit signs displayed ?

  • Fire drill practice is done every 3 months?

  • Enter date of last Fire Drill

  • Whistle is available for Fire practice?

  • First aid kit contains everything required (Make sure Asthma puffer (Blue reliever?) Parent needs to provide epi pen if the child is prescribed with one)?

  • Emergency bag and Emergency contact details displayed or in emergency bag?

  • OH&S Checklist must be done everyday?

  • Curtains, tablecloths and bedding away from heaters?

  • Fans inaccessible to children?

  • Heating and cooling units inaccessible to children?

Audit 2

Room Safety Checklist (Access Rooms, Kitchen and Bathroom)

  • Walk ways and play area are clean and free of hazard?

  • Is there barrier or gates on the steps and stairs?

  • Do all unused PowerPoint’s that children can reach have safety plugs?

  • Are all electrical cords out of sight and reach of children?

  • Are all cabinets locked or is there gate provided?

  • Gloves Provided?

  • There are safety locks on the kitchen cupboards & safety plugs in PowerPoint’s?

  • Are cleaning agents and chemicals inaccessible to children? Higher cabinet and closed?

  • All medication needs to be inaccessible put in container and refrigerator if needed and lock fridge?

  • Is there oven lock to keep oven closed all the time?

  • Microware, Kettles and other electrical Items, Cords are out of reach?

  • Hot water cannot be used without Educator supervision?

  • Hand washing signs displayed in the bathroom?

  • Are all mats on slippery surfaces secure?

  • Paper towel provided and bin available for the children?

  • Is hand wash soap available?

  • Are medicines, poisons and toilet deodorising blocks stored in a locked cupboard out of reach of children?

  • Are razors, scissors and other sharp objects stored out of reach of children?

  • Nappy Change area safe and fully equipped (Australian or NZ standard)?

  • There is a mattress for children under 5-years old?

  • There is a baby cot for children under one year (Australian or NZ standard)?

  • Is the house clean and safe for children?

  • Age appropriate indoor toys and activities are provided and in working condition?

  • Activity Educator is going to provide today?

  • Does the Educator discuss safety issues with children?

  • Glass door and surface are glazed or shatter proof?

  • Hat and sun screen are available?

  • Adequate ventilation/heating (Window open)?

Audit 3


  • All signs are displayed on the wall?

  • Children Portfolio and Daily Curriculum are up to date?

  • Daily Routine is Displayed?

  • CPR chart are displayed?

  • Service Philosophy and Code of Conduct are displayed?

  • First aid are displayed and current?

  • Date of Update:

  • Registration Certificate is displayed and current?

  • Date of Registration:

  • Insurance needs is displayed and current?

  • Date of Insurance:

  • Policy and procedure displayed?

  • Regulation and act displayed?

  • Children enrolment is available?

  • Children’s non-routine and risk assessments/ Permission slip are available?

  • Visitor Book is displayed?

  • Menu is available in program and safety book ?

  • Timesheet is displayed and up to date for that day?

  • Online timesheet is accurate ?

Audit 4

Outdoor Area

  • Is the side of the house clear and safe for an emergency evacuation?

  • Is the play area separated from the drive way by a gate or other form of barriers?

  • There are no rubbish placed on the floor/grass area?

  • Is there a lot of resources provided for the children?

  • Is the swing set or other equipment secure and in good condition?

  • Are the garden shed and garage unable to be entered by children?

  • Animals is not required, if so all pet are immunised and put in cage where children won’t have access?

  • Is there a clearly visible, laminated Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) poster near pool or spa?

  • Five star FDC is allowing swimming pool if it is fenced off and in working condition?

  • All Containers are removed or covered?

  • All fences are in working condition and gate or fences are provided?

  • Plants that are hazardous to children should be removed immediately ?

  • Is there at least 50% of the outdoor area covered with shade?

Car Safety

  • First aid kit available in the car at all times?

  • How often do you service your car?

  • Car are clean and safe?

  • Car seat, boosters and restraints are fitted safe and appropriate to children’s age?

  • Is the motor vehicle registered?

Audit 5

  • Children Present/Activities provided:

  • C.D.O Follow up

  • Evaluate Overall Rating:

    Excellent 9 - 10
    Very Good 8
    Good 6 - 7
    Satisfactory 5
    Unsatisfactory 0 - 4

  • List Additional Observation and evaluate if minor, major critical.


  • Provide details:

  • Evaluate Observation:


  • CDO Signature:

  • Educator Signature:

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