• Regulation 73
    Is the educator completing an educational program that includes the five outcomes outlined in the EYLF?

  • Are assessments of the child’s developmental needs, interests, experiences and participation in the educational program being documented?

  • Are assessments of the child’s progress against the outcomes of the educational program being documented?

  • Are evaluations of the child’s well-being, development and learning being documented?

  • Regulation 74(2)
    Is documentation prepared in a way that is readily understandable by educators and parents?

  • Regulation 75
    Is the program, its contents and operation on display and easily accessible?

  • Regulation 76
    Do the educator agree that any of the documentation outlined in regulation 74, information regarding the content/operation of the educational program and information about the child’s participation in the program, need to be provided to the family on request?

  • Has educator ever had to do this?

  • If so, please comment...

  • Regulation 155
    (Please tick off which of the items listed below the educator is completing)
    Is educator providing education and care in a way that:

  • Encourages children to express themselves and their opinions

  • Allows the children to undertake experiences that develop self reliance and self esteem

  • Maintains at all times the dignity and rights of each child

  • Gives each child positive guidance and encouragement towards acceptable behaviour

  • Has regard to the family and cultural values, age and physical and intellectual development and abilities of each child

  • Comments:

  • Regulation 156
    Does the educator provide the children with opportunities to interact and develop respectful and positive relationships with each other, and with staff members of, and volunteers at the service?

  • Are curriculum evaluations being completed in entirety?

Children's Health

  • Regulation 77
    Are adequate health and hygiene practises being met?
    Penalty $2000

  • Regulation 81
    Are sleep and rest times being met, having regard to ages, developmental and individual needs of children?
    PENALTY $1000

Food Services

  • Regulation 78(3)
    Is water and food given to children on a regular basis throughout the day?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 78(3)
    Do all children have access to safe drinking water at all times?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Is the educator providing children’s food and / or any other beverage other than water?

  • Regulation 80
    If applicable, is the weekly menu displayed?
    PENALTY $1000

  • Regulation 80
    If applicable, is the weekly menu accessible to parents?
    PENALTY $1000

  • Regulation 80
    If applicable, does the weekly menu accurately describe the food/beverage to be provided?
    PENALTY $1000

  • Regulation 77
    If applicable, are safe practises for handling, preparing and storing food being met?
    PENALTY $2000

Documentation/Educator Obligations

  • Regulation 84
    Has coordinator conducted brief child protection refresher training based on child protection policy (page 20 of Kids Heaven’s policy book)
    PENALTY $1000

  • Regulation 86
    Is educator aware that they must contact the parent/guardian, AND coordinator as soon as practicable if a child is involved in an incident/injury/trauma? Regulation 86
    Is educator aware that they must contact the parent/guardian, and coordinator as soon as practicable if a child is involved in an incident/injury/trauma? (This is because, Head Office has less than 24 hours after the incident to hand in relevant documentation and paperwork to the department )
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 87
    Have there been any incidents/injuries/traumas or illnesses since the last HSC?

  • Regulation 87
    If yes, has an incident report form been completed with all sections been completed in entirety?

  • Regulation 88
    Has there been an occurrence of an infectious disease since the last HSC?

  • Regulation 88
    If yes, has coordination unit and parents/authorised emergency contact of each child been notified as soon as practicable?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 98
    Is there access to an operating phone or other means of communicating in an emergency?
    PENALTY $1000

  • Regulation 119
    Is the educator engaged or registered with the service at least 18 years old?
    PENALTY $1000

  • Does the educator agree to be contactable at all times during their working hours? This means they must answer their phone at all times

  • Regulation 180
    Is there evidence of public liability insurance (ie receipt, payment plan schedule, certificate to confirm this)?
    NB: The coordination unit needs to have evidence of this, but evidence is also required at the educators home. The educator just telling us that they have insurance is not enough. We need evidence!

  • Regulation 182
    Does the educator agree to keep all records confidential and that they will no
    divulge or communicate any information contained in the records, directly or indirectly to any other person other than approved personnel?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 183
    Are all documents and records kept in a safe and secure place?

  • Where are the documents kept?

  • Regulation 185
    Does educator agree to utilise the coordination unit to access a copy of the regulations and law should they wish to view them or seek any clarification?

  • Has the educator completed their mini home safety check since the last visit?

  • Does the educator have the Kids heaven family communication book available?

  • Is the communication book being used?

Medical Conditions / Requirements

  • Regulation 90
    If applicable, is educator following the policy surrounding medical conditions?

  • Regulation 90
    If there are no children enrolled with a medical condition, is educator familiar with the policy guidelines?

  • Regulation 91
    Has a copy of the service’s medical conditions policy been issued to parents of children that have a specific health care need, allergy or other relevant medical condition?

  • Regulation 91
    Is the educator aware that they must have a copy of the Action Plan completed by a doctor, if they have a child in care with a serious medical condition?

  • Regulation 92
    Has any medication been administered since the last HSC?

  • Regulation 92
    If yes, has the administration of medication form been completed in its entirety (including self administration of medication form)?

  • Regulation 93
    If applicable, has medication been administered following the procedures outlined in the regulations and policies?

  • Regulation 94
    If applicable, is the educator aware that in an emergency for anaphylaxis and asthma they may administer the child’s medication without authorisation and must contact the parent and emergency service immediately?

Excursions / Outings

  • Does the educator participate in any excursions? (Routine or Non Routine)

  • Regulation 99
    Have excursion forms and authorised persons to collect children been signed by parent/guardian?

  • Are the excursion forms completed in entirety?

  • Regulation 100
    Has the educator completed the risk assessment form to ensure the safety of the children before going on an excursion?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 101
    Has the risk assessment as outlined on page 85 of Kids Heaven policies been completed in its entirety?

Potential Emergencies

  • Regulation 97
    Are there instructions available for what must be done in the event of an emergency?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 97
    Is there an emergency and evacuation floor plan located at each exit of the house?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 97
    Has a risk assessment been conducted to identify potential emergencies relevant to the service?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 97
    Has the emergency evacuation procedure been rehearsed within the last 3 months as a minimum (NB Kids Heaven’s expectation is monthly)?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 97
    Has the rehearsal of the emergency evacuation procedure been documented and is it on display?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Has a risk management plan been completed and available on premises?

  • Has a copy of the risk management plan been given to the coordination unit?

  • For office use, please take a photo of the educators evacuation plan to have on file at the office.

Attendance / Child Details / Time-sheets / Visitors within home

  • Regulation 124 How many children are in care during HSC Visit? (Include educators own children)

  • Regulation 124 If Any, what other children will be coming in to care today? (Include educators own children)

  • Regulation 124
    Does this meet the regulation requirements; which are a maximum of 7 children of which:
    a) No more than 4 can be preschool age or under
    b) This includes the educator’s own children or any other children under 13 years who are also at the residence with no other adult present?

  • Regulation 157
    Does the educator agree (and practise) that a parent of a child being care for may enter the premises at any time that the child is being cared for?
    PENALTY $1000

  • Regulation 159
    Is there evidence of time-sheets being filled out accurately and in its entirety?

  • Regulation 160
    Is each child’s enrolment form completed in entirety?

  • Does the educator have a visitors book within premises?

  • Regulation 165
    Is a visitor’s book in use at the times children are in care, and visitors (including family and friends) are signing and dating arrival and departure times?

  • Regulation 166
    Are educators aware that they are not able to leave children alone with persons visiting the premises?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 178
    Does each child have a folder containing the following:
    - Documentation of child assessments or evaluations for delivery of the educational program
    - Incident/injury/trauma/illness record
    - Medication record
    - Children’s attendance record
    - Children’s enrolment records
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 179
    Does the educator have any documentation for children who have ceased care/no longer relevant?
    (If yes, has coordinator taken these documents for return to the coordination unit)

  • Does educator agree that all documents relating to children, time-sheets etc. must be returned to the service on ceasing employment?


  • Regulation 127
    Does the educator have or be actively working towards at least an approved certificate III level education and care qualification?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Have they provided evidence of this to the coordination unit?

  • Regulation 136
    Does the educator have a current certificate for:
    First aid
    that was issued by a National Authority?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Have they provided evidence of this to the coordination unit?

  • Regulation 136
    Does the educator have a current certificate for:
    that was issued by a National Authority?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Have they provided evidence of this to the coordination unit?

  • Regulation 136
    Does the educator have a current certificate for:
    that was issued by a National Authority?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Have they provided evidence of this to the coordination unit?

  • Regulation 136
    Does the educator have a current certificate for:
    Asthma management
    that was issued by a National Authority?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Have they provided evidence of this to the coordination unit?

  • Regulation 163
    Does the educator have:
    Current police check?

  • Have they provided evidence of this to the coordination unit?

  • Regulation 163
    Does the educator have:

  • Have they provided evidence of this to the coordination unit?

  • Regulation 164
    Do all persons 18 years and over residing or intending to reside at the premises have a current WWCC?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Have they provided evidence of this to the coordination unit?

  • Is the educator ensuring that persons staying for a holiday at their residence must have a current WWCC and a copy is forwarded to the service? (If not, the educator will have to take leave and
    contact the service 2 weeks in advance)

  • Is there any person living at the premises that is about to turn 18 years of age?

  • If yes, they will need to apply for a WWCC approximately 2 months before they turn 18 as this process can take 6 weeks to complete.
    Has an application for this person been put through as yet?

  • Has the educator completed an individual Professional Development Plan?

  • If yes, has a copy been given to a member of the coordination unit?

Indoor Safety

  • Regulation 105
    Do the children have access to furniture, materials and developmentally appropriate equipment?

  • Regulation 103
    Is the furniture and equipment in the home safe, clean and in good condition?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 106
    Does the educator have a laundry or access to laundry facilities?

  • Regulation 106
    Is the laundry maintained in a way that does not pose a risk to children?

  • Regulation 106
    Does the educator have arrangements for dealing with soiled clothing, nappies and linen including hygienic facilities for storage prior to their disposal or laundering?

  • What are they using for this?

  • Regulation 109
    Does the bathroom provide adequate, developmentally and age appropriate toilet, hand washing and drying facilities?

  • Regulation 110
    Is the indoor environment well ventilated, adequate natural light and comfortable temperature?

Outdoor Safety

  • Does the educator use the outdoor yard that is located at their premises?

  • If the yard is closed off, is there a notification of this on the doorway to the yard and have excursions been organised to a local park or outdoor environment on a regular basis?

  • The following questions are to be completed when the educator uses their own yard for family day care use. If they are using a park, please mark as NA

  • Regulation 104
    Does the outdoor environment have secure fencing that children cannot climb over or under and locked gates to ensure children’s safety?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Does the outdoor environment allow children to explore and experience the natural environment (eg trees, sand and natural vegetation)?

  • Is there adequate shade outdoors to protect children from the sun?

  • Are gully traps completely covered or fenced off?

  • Are drains appropriately covered?

  • Are barbecues covered/out of reach of children?

  • Is the outdoor area securely fenced with horizontal boards covered with shade cloth or other means to reduce the risk of climbing?

  • Are garage doors and gates locked?

  • Is the garden shed locked and dangerous items such as chemicals, ladders and power tools out of reach of children?

  • Are sharp branches and poisonous plants removed?

  • Is the clothes line in good condition with no loose wires?

  • Is appropriate soft fall installed for any climbing equipment? (Remember the rules for this. If you are unsure, don't guess, ask your service manager)

General Safety

  • Regulation 82
    Is the environment free of illicit drugs, alcohol and tobacco?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 83
    Is there any evidence that the educator is affected by alcohol, drugs or prescribed medication that could impair their capacity to care for children?
    If yes, contact service manager immediately
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 89
    Is there an appropriate number of first aid kits available (eg one in the home and one in the car)?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 89
    Are first aid kits easily recognisable and readily accessible to adults?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 89
    Are first aid kits suitably equipped, with all items within their used by / best before dates?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Regulation 116
    (Has an assessment of the residence been completed within the last 12 months (annual home safety check)?

    If No, one will need to be completed on next visit or as soon as practicable.

  • Regulation 116
    Are there suitable nappy changing arrangements for children attending or likely to attend the service?

  • Regulation 116
    Are all water hazards inaccessible to children at or near the residence?

  • Regulation 116
    Are there any animals / pets at the residence?

  • If kitty litter is used for pets, is it stored in an area that is inaccessible to children?

  • If animals / pets are present, what is being done to minimise the risk posed by the animals at the residence?

  • Are there any proposed renovations to your residence?

  • Have any changes been made to the educator's residence that could affect suitability of the residence, nappy change arrangements, water hazards or animals within the residence?
    PENALTY $2000

  • Glass: Only needs to be completed where glass is accessible to children and is 0.75m or less above floor level. If not applicable, please mark all answers accordingly with the not applicable option.
    Is the area either;
    a) Glazed with safety glass (building code of Australia requires this)
    b) Treated with a product that prevents glass from shattering if broken
    c) Guarded by barriers that prevent a child from striking or falling against the glass
    d) Other (more information required)

  • Is the house number clearly visible from the street?

  • Are all curtain and blind cords out of reach of children?

  • Are electrical cords and leads kept out of reach of children?

  • Are all cleaning objects stored in their original containers and in a locked cupboard or out of reach of children?

  • Do all unused power points have safety plugs?

  • Please check the following if items are available at educator's residence

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Fire Blanket

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Comments?.....

Car or vehicle safety

  • Does the educator use a car or vehicle for FDC purposes?

  • If yes, is the car registered?

  • When asked, does the educator confirm that her vehicle is insured?

  • If not insured, what is the reason behind this?

  • Is the car clean, accessible, and free of any dangerous goods?

  • Is there a first aid kit located within the car?

  • Does the educator have arrangements for age and safety appropriate booster seats or baby capsules, whether provided by the parents or provided themselves?

  • Although you may not be mechanically minded, in your own opinion do the cars tyres appear to be of a safe or roadworthy condition? I.e not bald tyres

Checklist for Resources / Display Items

Checklist for resources / items for display / documentation to have available. Please check the following items if the educator has them.

  • Educator’s Portfolio

  • Parent Grievances Policy on Display

  • Kids Heaven Philosophy on Display

  • Arrival & Departure Policy / Delivery and Collection of Children Policy on Display

  • Behaviour Management Policy

  • Emergency Numbers Displayed

  • Exit Door Signage

  • Sun Smart Poster

  • Hand Washing Poster

  • Dental Health Poster

  • At least ONE poster that covers a first aid topic such as CPR, Asthma, Anaphylaxis Etc.

  • Other display posters to cover a variety of topic

  • Exclusion Periods for communicable diseases displayed

  • A copy of the services license on display. Ie provisional license

  • Display of Art Work and/or Photos of Children’s Learning

  • Any other relevant documentation for the service needs?

  • Comments?...

Summary / Notes

Summary / Notes

  • Additional notes / Summary / Other? (Optional)


  • Time that visit was concluded?

  • Signature of Educator

  • Signature of Coordinator

  • Please tick this box if educator would like a copy of the inspection emailed to them

  • If applicable, what is the educators email address?

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